Eric Riley dodges two robberies in one day

Man with gun

Only a fraction of those who go to Atlantic City to gamble make it out of there with money and poker professional Eric Riley was fully aware of the risks. While he accepted the possibility of losing his $80,000 bankroll at the tables, he never imagined that he could be the victim of a robbery. The odds of being targeted by two wrongdoers on the same day are so low that they’re not even worth taking into consideration, but that’s exactly what happened to Riley.

According to the Eric’s troubles began when he got a ride to the Kennedy Airport with a man who called himself Junior who was driving. Riley didn’t know much about the new acquaintance but apparently he trusted him enough to accept the ride and this proved to be a big mistake. Just as the poker player was trying to grab his bag out of the open trunk, Junior drove away, in an attempt to steal the cash.

Poker professionals have a reputation for making the right decision in a split second and Riley didn’t lose his head in the wake of the robbery and hopped into a cab, instructing the driver to follow Junior’s vehicle. Much to his credit, the taxi driver caught up with the villain and Riley retrieved the bag from the open trunk, as the vehicles stopped at a red light.

Had the day ended like this it would’ve been a great story for Eric to tell at the poker tables, but things took a turn for the worse. Two men in a Camry appeared at the scene and claimed to be undercover cops, while telling the victim to hop into their car. Riley did that but unfortunately for him the alleged cops were in fact a pair of villains who put a gun to his chest. He didn’t give in to threats and instead made a bold move by jumping out of the speeding vehicle with his bag in his arms.

Surprising enough, he wasn’t badly injured and although his clothes were utterly destroyed, Eric was still in good shape to go to the nearest police station. According to Riley won $82,000 in a tournament earlier this year and he won an additional $20,000 in Atlantic City playing poker. This is where he befriended Junior, but the so-called friend  had nothing on his mind other than to steal his money. The police are yet to determine whether there is a connection between the two robbery attempts, or if Eric was as unlucky as to be targeted by different criminals on the same day.