ESPN Airs WSOP ‘Big One For One Drop’ (vids)

Big one for one drop

The World Series of Poker ‘Big One For One Drop’ is the largest buy-in poker tournament in the world, requiring a cool million dollars from players that want to be able to take part and have a chance at winning some seriously crazy money.

For that reason there is no surprise that it attracts a lot of interest from both players and fans alike.

It obviously played a while back now but ESPN has now aired the highlights from the tournament allowing us all to see how the event, that was eventually won by Dan Colman, played out.

The event brought in 42 players which created a prize pool of $37,333,333 (after the $111,111 from each buy-in was deducted for charity) and a first place payout of $15,306,668. The top eight players in the event would receive a payout whilst the rest had to go home empty handed.

This all meant that more than $4 million was raised for the ‘One Drop’ foundation, which helps to give people all over the world access to clean drinking water. A great cause we are sure you would agree that was helped massively due to this lucrative poker tournament.

The highlights pick out some of the most important hands and the most impressive plays that occurred in the event. You will see the first most prominent eliminations and a couple of hands that will leave you gobsmacked.

One hand saw Phil Ivey make a magnificent lay down with A-K pre-flop when an opponent was holding A-A and another where two players had A-A and one of them managed to hit a flush to eliminate the other.

The event includes only the world’s most elite tournament poker players and a handful of wealthy businessmen thrown in (oh and John-Robert Bellande). Among the big names that took part were Phil Ivey, Daniel Negreanu, Scott Seiver, Greg Merson, Sam Trickett, Philip Gruissem, Jason Mercier and the winner of the event from 2012 Antonio Esfandiari.

The first episode from ESPN has been split into two parts and despite both not being in the very best of quality, they are still watchable.

We will bring you further episodes as soon as they uploaded as we are pretty sure you will want to see how the action turns out in the WSOP Big One For One Drop (though most of you already know).