ESPT Barcelona Day 1bBreaks Records

As Day 1b got underway at the Estrellas Poker Tour 2012 got underway a few hours ago, we have been told that there were an amazing 664 players taking part. This brings the total figure up to 1036 for the tournament, a new record for the Barcelona based event. 41 of these entrants are actually here by qualifying through the PokerStars site.

It is not only a record for this event, but it makes it the biggest ever poker tournament to be held in Spain, whilst also becoming the second biggest tournament held in Europe that was organized by PokerStars.

This has provided a prize pool for this tournament of 1,004.920 Euros, with the amount of players to be receiving a payout at 128, where the winner will take home 200,000 of that prize pool.

What has made this event even more special is the fact that there are around 55 different nationalities of players that are taking part, which means that more than 70 percent of the table is foreign. Add to this the amount of former EPT winners that are taking part, 13 at our last count with players including Zimnan Ziyard, Kent Lundmark and Toby Lewis and we have a real spectacle on our hands.

Who Hit The Felt And Who made It Through

Some of the more notable players to be missing out on Day1b included Matthias and Christophe De Meaulder and Grzegorz Mikielewicz who are both PokerStars Team Pro Members.

However, in better news for the number one online poker site PokerStars, they did have a few that made it to the next day’s play. These players were Ana Marquez, Marci Horecki and Juan Manuel pastor, who managed to last the day and secure them a place in today’s Day 2.

What is even better news for the site is that Team PokerStars Pro Jude Ainsworth is actually the chip leader going into today’s action. He sits in a healthy position at the top of the leader board with 164,200 chips to his name, though admittedly with a tiny lead over Lorenzo Sabato who has 162,700. Third place at the moment goes to Norman Bryan Michalek who has a decent amount of 129,700.

Though these players are at the top right now, everybody knows that anything can happen in poker, so they will definitely not be sitting comfortably. Day 2 is already underway and we have seen so many times how a chip leader can suddenly lose all momentum and come crashing out of a tournament. To coin a well known phrase in poker “it can take days to build up a powerful chip stack, yet seconds to completely lose the lot”.