Eureka Prague Main Event Day 3 – Final Table Set

Ami Barer at EUreka Prague Main Event

We have now seen the largest event of all time to be held in Prague come down to the final eight players after the PokerStars Eureka Prague Main Event saw Day 3 come down to that figure, from the 43 that had initially sat down at the start of it.

In a frantic event where there was initially a staggering 1,315 entrants it’s amazing to think that the field has been shrunk down to just eight after only three days of action. Leading that final table is Ami Barer after he had a storming day at the felt to bring his chip count up to 7,280,000 to give him more than a 2 million advantage over his closest rival Stephen Chidwick.

Also on that final table is Team PokerStars Pro Marcin Horecki, though he certainly has some work to do if he wants to win this event. He is currently in sixth place with a chip count of 1,340,000. He is the most experienced player at the table though and will still feel confident of pulling something out of the bag.

There were many big names that bowed out of the event on Day 3 as we witnessed Chris Moorman, Kevin MacPhee and Team PokerStars Pro Mattias De Meulder being among them.

The final table will be taking place in just a few hours and will eventually reveal who the winner of this record breaking event will be. Of course, the EPT Prague Main Event also gets underway today so we will have plenty to bring you in our reports for tomorrow.

Final Table Seating And Chip Counts

St1) Jaroslav Peter – 3,995,000

St2) Marcin Horecki – 1,340,000

St3) Johannes Tiefenbrunner – 935,000

St4) Dmitri Holdeew – 4,720,000

St5) Ami Barer – 7,280,000

St6) Milan Simko – 695,000

St7) Stephen Chidwick – 4,955,000

St8) Mark Dalimore – 2,170,000