Familiar faces win PokerStars Sunday Events this week

Stacks of dollars

The odds of winning the PokerStars Sunday Million are remote but the impressive prize pool is irresistible and as a result thousands of players buy in every week. Peter “twirlpro” Turmezy achieved something remarkable this weekend, as he won the prestigious online event for the second time and took home a significant chunk of the $1.66 million prize pool.

By the time he made the final table it was fairly obvious that he will be the favourite to win the event, as he had both the experience and the stack on his side. Not only Peter won the event before, but his 19 million chips gave him a significant advantage over the runner-up BEGEMOT13. Slovenia’s SAS6677 was third with 10 million chips and all these players were part of the five-way deal that guaranteed each one a prize of at least $100,000.

AAKaliber1 from Austria and SamTeymour from Iran started the final table with short stacks but survived long enough to receive $103k each. This is how the money was distributed among the nine players who made a deep run at the PokerStars Sunday Million:

  1. Peter “twirlpro” Turmezy – $213,479
  2. AAKaliber1 – $103,085
  3. BEGEMOT13 – $166,342
  4. SAS6677 – $110,992
  5. SamTeymour – $103,982
  6. GoodStoryBro – $49,896
  7. Peaksone – $33,264
  8. Aleksandras “VyruAlus” Rusinovas – $18,295
  9. chokdee1980 – $12,889

Probably inspired by Peter “twirlpro” Turmezy’ accomplishment, Brian “brianm15″ England tried to repeat his November 12 Sunday Warm-up performance. Back then he finished second and collected a hefty amount, yet this week he had to settle for a fifth place and almost $30,000. Following his elimination, the four remaining players agreed on a deal that saw “I AmLegend11” from Mexico collecting the biggest portion of the money.

The deal was in accord with the stack size of each player, leaving the winner to collect an additional $10,000. “I AmLegend11” is one of the players who regularly buy in for the PokerStars Sunday Warm-up and made the money many times, so his presence at the final table was not surprising. This doesn’t diminish his achievement, as he started with four times less chips than the leading Az@ze11o but in the end collected 10 times more money than him.

3481 players bought in and the prize pool for PokerStars Sunday Warm-up was $696,200, with 495 players finishing in the money. Check out the list of nine finalists and their corresponding payouts:

  1.  I AmLegend11 (Mexico) $87,845
  2. mayer1648 – $78,811
  3. graebsch – $57,811
  4. AAAABJAAAA – $63,759
  5. Brian “brianm15″ England – $29,588
  6. AlGiNho – $22,626
  7. 1st call3r – $15,664
  8. Az@ze11o – $8,702
  9. tkcasino007 – $5,569