Felix “xflixx” Schneiders Talks PokerStars 7

Beta Version

You may remember that a number of weeks ago we revealed that PokerStars had to put their new client ‘PokerStars 7’ into beta testing for players to try out. Players were able to download the client to have a look ad get a good feel whilst PokerStars texted everything fully before making it their permanent client in the future.

Player simply had to go to the menu bar in the old client, select lobby and then select ‘Try PokerStars 7’ and it would download for them.

There are many new features to take advantage of on the beta version and PokerStars Team Online member Felix “xflixx” Scheiders has just made a video explaining all of them for us. He takes us through the new client, talks about what he likes best about it.

Judging by the video, he clearly likes it a lot and thinks that it will be a huge success once it is rolled out permanently. Take a look at his video to get to grips with the new PokerStars 7 client.

The new client was designed to make it as easily as possible for players to get right into some poker action. We all know that for a new player, lists of tables, variations and formats can be very overwhelming for new players and could be the reason why some are put off from playing the game. PokerStars have combated that with this new beta version that is also designed to be more mobile friendly.

Among the new features are that of the ability to favourite certain variations and tables so that you can literally jump straight into those games as soon as you log in. Also, your bankroll is now able to be visible in the lobby, meaning there is no longer the need to go into the cashier every time you wish to check your balance.

Many of us do not like change but after you have gotten used to it, you can quickly see the amount of thought and work that has gone into making the new client. Everything just seems far easier and more efficient than it used to be. The general consensus is that many of the top players prefer it over the old client, so it looks like PokerStars has again made the right decision for their players by implementing this new client.