Fenton Leads In The GUKPT Goliath And Aguiar Seeks A Restraining Order On Marafioti

The GUKPT Goliath in Coventry started with a massive 1,954 players a few days ago and we are now down to that final nine on that final table. Of those nine the leading chip holder is Les Fenton who has managed to amass 13.6 million in chips which is an astonishing five million ahead of Philip Froggat who has a still very healthy 8.3 million.

The others on the final table are Mark Harding with 6,030.000, Jon Caplan with 5,085.000, Kris Graham with 3,570.000,Colin Inskip with 5,530.000,Sung Hee Yun With 1,910.000, Gavin Manley with 3,750.000 and the short stack Jacqueline Burrows with 1,365.000.

Today’s final table is already underway and started with the blinds set at 100,000/200,000 with an ante of 30,000. This will ensure that the final table is a fairly quick affair for a few of the players. However, it will be intriguing to see who comes out on top in this tournament. Can Fenton keep up with his charge and keep all of the other players at bay, or will somebody up their game and reel him back in?

We will let you know as soon as we find out. Until then here are the standings as they were at the beginning of play:

Les Fenton 13,630,000

Philip Froggatt 8,300,000

Mark Harding 6,030,000

Colin Inskip 5,530,000

Jon Caplan 5,085,000

Gavin Manley 3,765,000

Kris Graham 3,570,000

Sung hee Yun 1,910,000

Jacqueline Burrows 1,365,000

Player Brawl Results In Aguiar Seeking A Restraining Order!

Jonathan Aguiar and Matt Marafioti made headlines over the weekend after becoming involved in a skirmish at the Bicycle Casino in Los Angeles. It was during the first day of action at the World Poker Tour Legends Of Poker Main Event Day 1a, whilst the players were all on a break.

Though the details of the reasons behind the confrontation are still yet unknown, it is believed to be about something outside of poker. Both players were quickly kicked out of the competition though Aguiar was allowed to rebuy back in for Day 1b.

Aguiar has since tweeted that he is planning to get a restraining order against Marafioti, however it seems it s more about stopping him from playing in the same tournaments rather than being scared of him.

He tweeted “I have been informed that if I get a restraining order against Matt, he would be forbidden from playing in any tournaments that I am registered in”.

He also tweeted “As if I am scared about a little fat five foot tall trust fund baby”

It will be interesting to find out what this fight was all about, Matt Marafioti has been in the pres a lot of late for completely losing the plot on Twitter and airing public details about his ex girlfriend, whilst also having been recently accused of being involved in hacking other players computers in order to see their hole cards.