Finding your niche in online poker

happy in front of laptop

These days I have no ego to cater to and my mainstay when it comes to playing online poker is NL100 and NL50 full ring games.

Some years ago, when I first started playing NLHE, I was playing at much higher levels. Firstly not only was I encountering stronger opponents, but I was also playing at levels that were too tough for me. When I say “too tough” then I am not just referring to the opponents being but the level of variance and the potential monetary losses that came with that were too much.

So, I decided to substantially drop down in levels and try and design a more automated style that worked based on a strong ABC, strong money management philosophy and harmonising my game over many tables. I finally succeeded and the most tables that I managed were twelve, although dropping down to eight tables suited me better.

The thing is that with full ring games it is easier to play more tables because you are folding around 85% of your hands. This is normal for full ring games and if you are playing more hands than this then not only will you get yourself into trouble but you will find yourself playing too many hands at the same time.

So my hourly rate these days is never going to get me noticed within the poker world but it does mean that I can keep earning money playing poker. The poker sites spend large amounts of money to bring in new business or at least some of them do. That new business comes in at the bottom end and this is where the better players move up to my levels. One of the biggest failings of players at my level of play, is that they cannot hang on to winnings and end up either breaking even or making a little with rakeback, sign up bonuses and other rewards.

My strengths are my money management guidelines but the bottom line is that I have found not only my niche in poker (which took me years) but I have also found the one style that makes me happy whilst playing it.

That is the key to making money in poker, to find your niche and to be happy within that niche. If you can do those two things then you really will have a career for life.