French Players Set To Receive FTP Funds

French poker players have been informed that the gambling authority in France will lift its Rekop Limited license suspension on a temporary basis to give Full Tilt players full access to their accounts to begin the process withdrawing their credit balances.

This will happen on the client and will be allowed between the 6th November through until the 9th.

The French gambling authority ARJEL called a press conference which was also attended by the southern Europe PokerStars president Gino Appiotti, where ARJEL president Jean-Francois Villote ran through the details of a trust arrangement that means a company in London will acquire the funds and process the payments to the players.

PokerStars will ask players to link their account to their Full Tilt Poker accounts to allow them to withdraw through that site.

Villote confirmed the procedures that will take place with regards to facilitating the recovery of all players money by saying that REAL MALTA LIMITED will be charged with assisting players by giving an account credit on the site which will then allow them to be reimbursed on the site.

All players will need to be verified and have their account name and password to be able to log in, they will then be asked for some personal information before being verified. Once this has all been done they will then be given a code that they will need to enter on the site. Once the code is entered on the site they will then be completely credited with the full amount on and be able to request the withdrawal of all funds. They then have the choice of closing their account without being bound by any future terms and conditions.

REAL MALTA has made an agreement to report directly to ARJEL on a regular basis regarding the process of reimbursement. Once the whole process has been completed ARJEL will once again suspend Rekop Limited’s licensing (Rekop Is Full Tilt).

Similar negotiations have been ongoing with the Italian authorities on how Italian players will be allowed to receive their funds; a statement is expected soon regarding the issue. The rest of the non-US players worldwide will have full and unrestricted access to their Full Tilt Poker accounts once the site is re-launched during the very first week in November.

Each player should see that their accounts have been left in exactly the same state they were in when the site was closed down. Just a month to go now until that highly anticipated re-launch, the site now being run by a proper company.