Frey Wins The GUKPT Coventry And Sahamies Breaks Even After Amazing Week!

With the 9th Leg of the GUKPT series now completed, we can announce that it was Martyn Frey who walked away with the title at the GUKPT Coventry and a payout of £36,610. He managed to traverse his way through a field of 122 to get to heads up against Matt Davenport.

This tournament was a great place for newcomers to poker to try their hand at tournaments, especially with so many side events that catered for lower budgets. It was the much pricier Main Event through that attracted more of the better known faces of poker, and this tour in particular.

Once he got to heads up, he was actually slightly behind Davenport, though this all changed in one hand. Davenport went all in with an open ended straight draw, however Frey’s two pair stuck and he doubled up.

Once that happened it didn’t take too long for Frey to close out the tournament, Davenport again pushing all in. This time he had pocket 5’s, Frey called with K-7 and managed to hit a 7 to end Davenport’s tournament. Davenport will be happy enough though after pocketing £25,920 for his runner up result.

Here Is The Final Standings Of The GUKPT Coventry Event:

1. Martyn Frey £36,610

2. Matt Davenport £25,920

3. Lee French £16,160

4. Simon Deadman £10,060

5. Dean Aldred £7,930

6. Alan Taddei £6,100

7. Ray Power £4,880

8. Ainis Radauskas £3,660

9. Terry Mitford £2,740


Sahamies Records Massive Profit To Finally Break Even This Year!

We have been keeping tabs on Ilari Sahamies all year, and it has definitely been a rollercoaster ride. He is certainly one of those players that throws everything on the line and either wins big or loses massively. He had in fact been down over a million dollars this year.

However, this week he has had a stormer. First her took down an amazing $1 million during two events at the European Poker Tour Barcelona and has since converted that form onto the online tables. On the high stakes tables on PokerStars yesterday he managed to scoop $274k in profit, most of the money he earned came from another of the famous losers of recent times, Viktor Blom lost another $400k.

This has brought Sahamies online profit this week up to $700k; he was even playing online in between Days and Events at the EPT. He won 400k online whilst still being involved in the Main Event. However, though he has had a huge week, it still only puts him even for the whole year, so I guess his year starts now in reality.