FTOPS XXI Day 11 – Two More Events Completed

With just four days remaining at the FTOPS XXI series on Full Tilt Poker, the action is really starting to heat up, as we saw another two events played out yesterday. The first was the $300 +$22 Pot Limit Omaha Heads Up and the other was the $300 + $22 Mo Limit Holdem 6-Max Rebuy event.

Bothe events again managed to beat their respective prize pools of $30k and $100k, and offered each winner the first place prize and additional bonuses like the unique FTOPS XXI winner’s jerseys and avatar.

FTOPS XXI Event 25 – $300 + $22 Pot Limit Omaha Heads Up

Event 25 kicked off at 11am ET and attracted 235 players who fancied their chances at some heads up action. These 235 players created a total prize pool of $70,500 which more than double the guarantee offered by Full Tilt at $30,000.

By the time the event had finished it was in fact “-1SickDisease-“ who found himself winning the event, the winners cheque of $17,272.50 and the other bonuses that we mentioned above. He had to come through a tough final against “MTstackin88” which went on for some time before “-1SickDisease-“ finally proved too strong for his opponent.

How It Finished!

-1SickDidease- – $17,272.50

MTstackin88 – $9,870.00

Crystal2k – $5,111.25

Kice32 – $5,111.25

Goodfellko – $2,643.75

50cm – $2,643.75

Mefisto6661 – $2,643.75

Bernontherock – $2,643.75

DoktorGre – $1,410.00

WtFoMgOAO – $1,410.00

FTOPS XXI Event 26 – $300 + $22 No Limit Holdem 6 – Max Rebuy

The final event of the day kicked off at 2pm ET, with it being the NLHE 6-Max Rebuy event. It created a prizepool guarantee smashing field of 294, with that number creating a huge prize pool of $271,500 which was $171,500 more than the $100k guarantee.

The winner of this event was “swish3113”, who came out on top to defeat “Mutha Flushaa” during heads up to claim a payout of $65,160.00. His opponent took home a good score too, with a total of $42,082.50 being added to his Full Tilt account.

How It Finished!

Swish3113 – $65,160.00

Mulha Flushaa – $42,082.50

IkillU2012 – $30,408.00

Norajean – $22,263.00

Groengras – $15,747.00

Neoforastero – $10,588.50

PezConCojones – $7,059.00

Healey87 – $7,059.00

Aguskb – $5,430.00

Kroko –dill – $5,430.00

Today sees another two events taking place with Event 27 being a $100 NLHE event and Event 28 being a $300 Razz affair. The events will start at 11am and 2pm ET respectively, with us giving you all a full rundown of what happens and who wins these events as and when they happen.