FTOPS XXI Day 12 – Events 27 & 28 Now In The Bag

There is not long to go in the FTOPS XXI Full Tilt Poker series, with just three more days to be completed. Yesterday was Day 12, with there being another couple of events to keep the online tournament players happy enough.

The first was event 27, which was $100 + $9 No Limit Holdem event, which held a prize pool guarantee of $50k, whilst the second event was event 28 which was a $300 + $22 Razz affair.

FTOPS XXI Event 27 – $100 + $9 No Limit Holdem

This event started the day off at 11am CET, with it always expected to be a busy affair due to its lower buy-in. It attracted a huge field of 1,464, which gave a prize pool that was almost three times the original guarantee offered by Full Tilt. It stood at $146,400, which was $96,400 more than the $50k guarantee.

It was an extremely close affair by the time the field was whittled down to the final three players, with each of them having very similar stack sizes. “Wilmy_x”, “Mefestofel” and “BustToRobust” all decided to chop the prizepool to give each of them $20k apiece with them deciding to play out for the remaining $2,659.20.

It was “Wilmy_x” who eventually came out on top for the extra change though, with him also winning a unique FTOPS XXI winner jersey as well as an FTOPS XXI winner’s avatar for use on the site.

How It Finished!

Wilmy_x – $22,659.20

Mefestofel – $20,000.00

BustTORobust – $20,000.00

ThijisRemie – $10,394.40

ZedBranigan – $7,759.20

Jom123 – $5,709.60

Benderbei2 – $4,245.60

Enterthewu19 – $3,074.40

Veg777 – $2,181.36

Von_Dutchie – $1,464.00


FTOPS XXI Event 28 – $300 + $22 Razz

Event 8 started at 2pm CET, with Razz not normally being everybody’s cup of tea. However, it still managed to more than treble the $20,000 prizepool guarantee put in place by Full Tilt, with a field of 245 players created a total of $73,500 for the prizepool.

The event didn’t take too long to be completed and once it was it was “GoLeafsGoEh” who finished on top of the pile. He had a brief struggle whilst heads up against “gieras” yet had too much for his opponent in the end. He took home a more than worthwhile $19,477.50 for his efforts whilst his opponent took just short of $13k

How It Finished!

GoLeafsGOEh – $19,477.50

Gieras – $12,936.00

Lemberg1715 – $8,820.00

Lidius – $5,586.00

Sharkusmanly – $3,675.00

Bakku-shan – $2,535.75

P00cket00 – $1,911.00

Esp979 – $1,359.00

DeGamblor – $992.25

Raidalot – $992.25