FTOPS XXI Day 13 – Another Two Events Completed

With Events 29 and 30 completed yesterday, it means there is just two more days to go with Day 14 today and the final Day 15 tomorrow. The events yesterday saw us with another couple of winners as “serjiofx” and “dats0-buessal7” was the players to come out on top.

There was the $200 + $16 No Limit Holdem Rush event and the $200 + $16 Omaha Hi/Lo Limit event, with both yet again beating the prize pools offered by Full Tilt Poker.

FTOPS XXI Event 29 – $200 + $16 No Limit Holdem Rush (with 1 Rebuy and 1 Addon)

Event 29 kicked off the day’s proceedings at 11am CET with a prize pool guarantee of $150,000, which was again beaten when a field of 400 players entered the event to bring a total prize pool of $170,200. The player that took home the lion’s share of that was “serjiofx” as he won a nice $42,550.00 after defeating “Pokerccini” heads up with the latter taking home $26,381.00 for his runner up finish.

The Final Standings!

Serjiofx – $42,550,00

Pokerccini – $26,381,00

Moliveira – $19,573,00

Comandr_Cool – $15,318,00

DoktorGre – $11,488.50

AD_84 – $8,510,00

Tuna_fish_tank – $5,531.50

Scott Clements – $4,255.00

sosickPL – $3,404.00

IfHeDiesHeDies – $1,957.30

FTOPS XXI Event 30 – $200 + $16 Omaha Hi/Lo Limit

Event 30 started at 2pm CET yesterday, with the prize pool actually being more than trebled on this occasion. This is because 308 players took to the virtual felt to create a total prize pool of $61,600 which was $41,600 more than the $20k guarantee.

The winner this time around was “datso-buessal7”, though him and his heads up opponent “mcflurryoreo” agreed to chop the deal practically in half and play for the remaining $1,000. This meant that they both had already made sure that they would win $12,135.15 each, with the winner getting that extra thousand.

With that deal agreed, it meant that the play sped up dramatically with just a small amount on offer. “datso-buessal7” had just that little too much for his opponent this time around, though it was definitely a closely fought heads up battle.

The Final Standings!

Datso-buessal7 – $13,120.85

Mcflurryoreo – $12,135.15

Blueberry – $7,392.00

Cyberkanguru – $5,698,00

Tamasycris – $4,312.00

BronzeStarPro – $3,080.00

Upeshka – $2,002.00

AmkarPerm – $1,540.00

Real Shaddy – $1,232.00

GoLeafsGoEh – $770.00

There is now just today and tomorrow to go in the FTOPS XXI series on Full Tilt Poker, with us brining you a report on each day as and when each event has been completed.