FTOPS XXI Day 14 – Events 32 and 33 All Sewn Up

Another day of the Full Tilt FTOPS XXI is now firmly consigned to the history books, with just one final day left to go. There were two events in total yesterday with Event number 22 which was a $200 + $16 Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo event and Event 33 which was a $100 + $9 No Limit Holdem Rush Rebuy affair.

FTOPS XXI Event 32 – $200 + $16 Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo

This was the first event of the day yesterday, with it kicking off at 11am CET. The variation of poker on this occasion was Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo, with it amazingly attracting a field of 252 players, which in turn managed to more than double the guaranteed prize pool of $20,000 with a grand total of $50,400.

The player that rose to the top by the end of the event was “lemberg1715” who managed to past the final table and into heads up with “EMSBas”. With their chip counts fairly similar at that point they decided to chop the prize pool in half and literally play for the remaining $1,250.

He managed to come out on top and take a total of $11,243.48 whilst his opponent will be happy enough with the $10,982.92 he walked away with.

How It Finished!

Lemberg1715 – $11,243.48

EMSBas – $10,982.92

Stevie444 – $6,048.00

Wadzon – $3,830.40

aDrENalin17 – $2,520.00

Pearljammed – $1,738.80

Lammoron – $1,310.40

666dimka666 – $1,310.40

Raidalot – $680.40

Oszillator – $680.40

FTOPS XXI Event 33 – $100 + $9 No Limit Holdem Rush Rebuy

This one kicked off at 2pm CET and was expected to be a massive success due to the lower buy-in, well those expectations were certainly met as a field of 766 players stepped up to the plate to take part. This field led to a prize pool of $331,700 which again more than doubled the guarantee of $150,000 set by Full Tilt Poker.

The winner was a player that has been a regular performer during this series, with “-1SickDisease-“ taking home the un-chopped first place prize of $79,608.00. He defeated ‘KJulius10” during a heads up battle that really didn’t last too long, with his opponent banking a more than deserved $49,755.00 for his second place achievement.

How It Finished!

-1SickDisease- – $79,608.00

KJulius10 – $49,755.00

Shhhookem – $37,316.25

GoLeafsGoEh – $28,194.50

Lammoron – $21,560.50

MURIBE – $14,926.50

DERRICKROSE25 – $10,282.70

Comandr_Cool – $7,960.80

FONBET_RULIT – $5,970.80

Marciocid – $3,317.00

With there now just two events to go a little later on today, this FTOPS series is going to e coming to a close. It has certainly been full of surprises, with just two events springing to mind that did not make the prize pool guarantees.