FTOPS XXI Day 4 In The Bag – Events 8 and 9

Another busy day at the FTOPS XII saw two events played until completion yesterday as both event 8 and event 9 were consigned to the history books. The successful online tournament series is proving to be just as good as it always was with many of the world’s leading online poker players taking part.

FTOPS XXI Event 8 $200 + $16 PLO Rush

Event 8 was played with a rush poker format, and whilst it will not be for everyone, it was certainly just as successful as any other event at the series. In fact there were 487 players who decided to register which created a huge prize pool of $97,400, which was just shy of being double the $50k prize pool guarantee.

As the event played out it was decided heads up between “Garbally” and “arhimides” with the former being the player to take the title. They had previously made a deal to chop the prize pool in half with them to play for the remaining $500. By winning the event “Garbally” pushed into 4th place on the overall FTOPS XII leaderboard.

How It Finished!

Garbally – $19,973.50

arhimides – $19,473.50

83oneblood86 – $11,201.00

Revenge4Dodo – $8,766.00

maxxscam – $6,574.50

Clairv0yant1 – $4,870.00

Thylacine09 – $3,165.50

TLD2006 – $2,435.00

jbrow8777 – $1,948.00

FTOPS XXI Event 9 $100 + $9 NLHE Six Handed Rebuy

This event lasted a long but worthwhile eight and a half hours after a field of 806 players took to the field. With the event also being a rebuy affair, it meant that there were a total of 1,130 rebuys and 605 add-ons which created a huge prize pool of $254,100. That beat the original guaranteed prize pool of $200k by more than $50k.

There were 102 players that would be lucky enough to secure a payout, with the unfortunate bubble boy being “Rentry85”, though he will at least win a free ticket into the special “Bouncebackability” event which is to give all of the bubble boys from the events a shot at winning some money.

It was “ottoman09” who eventually went on to take the win, with the player securing a payout of $54,250.35 in the process. He made sure of the title when heads up against “voehahn”, by which time he already held a 4 to 1 chip advantage over his opponent.

He was a little bit fortunate with the final hand though, as all the chips went into the middle with him holding an offsuit K-J whilst his opponent had an A-Q. The board ran out as 6-6-K-7-Q to give him the higher two pair.

How It Finished!

ottoman09 – $54,250.35

voehahn – $35,574.00

IPukeRainbows – $25,410.00

xbet_kiddi – $19,311.60

aihhfr – $13,721.40

ikillU2012 – $8,766.45