FTOPS XXI First Event Done And Dusted!

Yesterday saw the start of the very first FTOPS since the re-launch of Full Tilt Poker, with the very first event providing the players with a prize pool of more than $1 million. It managed to attract a massive 5,482 players who each paid the $200 + $16 buy-in for the NLHE event.

The prize pool guarantee was $750k but the field that entered ensured that it actually ended up as $1,096,400.

The event was a Multi-Entry affair, which for those of you that are unsure of how they work, it allows players to actually buy-in a maximum three times and multi table. So in essence each player has the option to play in the event three times, at the same time.

To enable this to work, there will never be a situation in which you are sat with more than one of your chip stacks at the same table. Additionally, if gets to a stage where you have more than one buy-in still in the tournament where it is impossible for the to not be sat at the same table, the chips from both buy-ins will be merged into just one seat.

The Winner!

The winner of Event 1 at the FTOPS XXI was “doneNdusted84” who took home a lovely score of $184,484,40 for his troubles. He finished at the top of the pay scale which paid out another 719 places with the minimum payout being $328.92.

Any player that managed to make the final table would walk away with at the very least $11,512.20 which in this particular case went to “sicklol” who finished in ninth position.

Heads Up!

By the time we got down to the final two players it was “Sgoup” who held the chip advantage, though that was not to last as his opponent “doneNdusted84” managed to take down a huge pot of 27 million chips when he held the A-Q against the A-J.

That allowed “doneNdusted84” to start to control the match up from there on in, as he started to chip away at his opponents chip stack. Eventually all of the chips were in the middle on the turn when the board read the 9d-3d-Qs-Kc; “Sgoup” pushed everything into the middle whilst holding pocket jacks. “doneNdusted84” took no time at all to make the call holding the Qd-10s which gave him the title and the very first win of the FTOPS XXI.

With the series just started, this event has already shown us exactly what we have to look forward to throughout the remainder of it. We eagerly await the next event, of which we will be brining you a full report.