FTOPS XXI Over – MiniFTOPS XXI Coming In January

The FTOPS XXI series has unfortunately finished, with there being more than $13 million being handed out in prize money to all of the players skilled enough to make a cash or two. However, we need not worry as Full Tilt Poker will again be scheduling another series, with it this time being the MiniFTOPS XXI starting on the 6th of January.

The recently finished FTOPS XXI brought us 15 days of poker filled action with the entertainment ending with the completion of the Main Event. This event was a $600 + $40 buyin and managed to tempt 4,766 players to take part. That generated a huge prize pool that was just a little shy of $3 million.

In total there were 35 events during those 15 days of high octane poker action which gave combined prize pools of $13,043,037. That number is not too bad when you think that the guarantees that were initially offered were $7.5 million. Out of all of the events there were also just two that did not break their respective prize pool guarantees, with those literally falling short by tiny amounts.

Many people were surprised that PokerStars decided to have Full Tilt host an FTOPS so soon after the re-launch, however the move now seems to have been a very smart one.


If the FTOPS XXI was a little out of your price range, meaning you had to sit and watch from the side lines, do not worry as less than three weeks away is the MiniFTOPS XXI. This series is set to start on the 6th of January with it running to a similar format as the FTOPS, just with smaller buy-ins. There will be 35 events in total and will last the same 15 days as its older brother.

In fact the largest buy in will be just $75 + $5 for the NLHE Main Event which will be played on the final day of the series. That event will also make use of the multi-entry format which means that players can buy in up to three times simultaneously if they like and play multiple tables. The prize pool guarantee has also already been announced with it being set at $750k.

The remaining events will all be set at just $20 + $2, meaning everyone can have a go if they like, whilst you could even qualify for far less if you take part in some of the satellites that Full Tilt have on offer.