FTP Add ‘Unlucky Number 7’ To Jackpot SNG’s

Fire number seven

Yesterday saw the start of a three week promotion over at Full Tilt Poker that will run alongside their new Jackpot SNG’s that have been running on the site for the past week or so.

The Jackpot SNG’s have already proved to be extremely popular at the site due to the random multiplier at the start of each three handed sit and go. They allow players a chance at playing for anything from at least double the original prize pool and right up to as much as 2,000 times that prize pool.

In fact there has already been a winner at the maximum buy-in possible of $10, which we shared with you in an article last week.

Well now with this latest ‘Unlucky Number7’ promotion, any player that only manages to be seated in 2x multiplied Jackpot SNG’s seven times in a row will now win a free ticket into an SNG of the same value.

This will give players another chance at possible hitting a much better multiplier, though in reality, having the prize pool doubled in the first place is still a pretty nice little bonus. Of course, it’s the $10 to $15,000 that everybody is hoping for, so this gives you an extra spin at getting lucky.

Players that do have seven 2x multipliers in a row will be awarded their free ticket within 20 minutes and there is no cap on how many of these tickets can be collected during the next three weeks. The ‘Unlucky Number 7’ promotion ends on the 20th of July, so if you needed any more reason to play in the Lucky Jackpot SNG’s, you now have it.