Full Tilt Make A Start On Verifying Players Identities

Yesterday, for the first time after shutting down almost a year ago, after Black Friday, Full Tilt Poker, that has now been bought up by PokerStars, has started to verify each and every player account.

They have sent emails to each of the players that are registered with the site to ask for some documents to prove that the accounts are legit. At the moment this process is only for the non-American based players. Once these accounts are fully verified the players will be free to continue using their accounts once the site is re-launched in November. The accounts will have the same funds as when the site originally shut down.

Full Tilt has stated that this process is needed to ensure account security and to comply with current laws in Isle of Man.

They stated “By fully complying and providing us with the required valid documentation will ensure that your account is completely active when we re-launch. Once the site is again up and running and after a few system tests have been carried out, you will be made aware that your account is now ready to be accessed and you will have complete access to everything, including the cashier functions”

Any player that wishes to have access to their accounts and money within them will have to provide a copy of identification such as a driving license or passport and another form of ID that can prove you have the same address as the one on file.

With respect to proof of address, they would be willing to accept any kind of bank statement or bill in their name that shows their address. The identification should be clear scanned copies or a digital photograph of very high quality.

While the non-US players must be getting excited at the prospect of getting their money back, Americans are still waiting on more info regarding when and how they will get their money refunded. PokerStars paid the Department Of Justice around $160 million to completely refund all players, however the process of paying over 1.3 million American poker players is still unclear, though they have actually recently brought in a third party claims company to help with the logistics of it all.

They will be hoping that everything should be settled soon, though they will also more than likely have to go through some verification procedures too.

Full Tilt also announced the other day that they were currently looking to hire new staff at their headquarters in Dublin; the company actually had to let most of its staff go when the site was closed down.