Full Tilt Mini FTOPS XXI Day 9 – Under Review

Another day in the Full Tilt Poker MiniFTOPS came to an end yesterday as we witnessed another three events get played out. With just six days to go, the action is getting interesting, especially with the buy-ins starting to get on the larger size.

We had three more winners here today, with each of them banking thousands of dollars in prizes. Here is a quick recap on what took place yesterday.

MiniFTOPS Event 19 – $24 + $2Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo

This is the event that kicked proceedings off for Day 9, with its managing to bring in 1,569 poker hungry players. That number pushed the prize pool up to $31,380, with the player that managed to finish the event ahead of everyone else being “Golle2811”.

He took down a score of $5,422.71 after agreeing to a three way cut on the prize pool with both “isakissa69” and “najtreg12”.

How It Finished!

“Golle2811” – $5,422.71

“isakissa69” – $4,911.05

“najtreg12” – $3,850.00

“Suppengurke01” – $2,510.40

“saman_come_on” – $1,882.80

“Alloutfeel” – $1,349.34

“yappy44” – $878.64

“WhoalHave4Cards” – $627.60

“MukiZi0” – $439.32

“badriver44” – $262.02

MiniFTOPS Event 20 $100 + $9 No Limit Holdem Six Max

The second event yesterday got underway at 2pm local time, with it bringing the usual high octane poker action that we come to expect from the MiniFTOPS. There was a large field of 1,526 players, all with the ambition of taking down the title.

As it finished though there was only one player that would be able to realise that dream, with “Julien_w1985” winning the title and the $18,074.78.

How It Finished!

“julien_w1985” – $18,074.78

“seed89” – $16,269.32

“renoldman” – $15,278.78

:chaosdamage” – $17,458.34

“hellotomyfans” – $15,734.80

“maniac” – $5,035.80

“Rivalinho” – $3,128.30

“suzyana” – $3,128.30

“ANOCR” – $2,060.10

“Spyver” – $2,060.10

MiniFTOPS Event 21 – $20 + $2 No Limit Holdem Turbo

The last event on Monday saw 2,601 players converging on the virtual felt, which established a prize pool of $52,020. The very largest share of that went to “bubbleboy547”, as he took down $9,883.80 after a chop was discussed but rejected by the three remaining players.

How it Finished!

“Bubbleboy547” – $9,883.80

“benibam” – $6,851.03

“plumbeater” – $4,837.86

“rsdiamonds1313” – $3,641.40

“jailberta17” – $2,705.04

“Boston3Party” – $1,976.76

“gofman” – $1,404.54

“betudontbet” – $988.38

“lazarlazar” – $676.26

“Fr-Chabo” – $468.18

This week sees the last of the MiniFTOPS, meaning that we will have to go in search of our next tournament, however with the PokerStars TCOOP kicking off; we really will not have to wait too long.