Full Tilt MiniFTOPS Day 7 – Halfway Stage

Yesterday saw a busy day at the MiniFTOPS as we reached the halfway stage for the series. There were three events played out, with each one of them proving to be a huge success.

With just a week to go in the event, it would be fair to say that this series has yet again to be hugely popular; with of course the lower stakes grinders at Full Tilt Poker.

MiniFTOPS Event 14 – $50 + $5 NLHE Heads Up

The first event of the weekend was the No Limit Heads Up event, which saw 1,024 player’s pay the $50 + $5 to take a shot at glory. This more than doubled the prize pool guarantee up to $51,200, which, let’s be honest is to be expected.

“ludabaksy” was the player to end up as the victor, though a chop was agreed between him and “pavels4444” which actually meant that the runner up won the largest prize.

How It Finished!

“ludabaksy” – $6,883.60

“pavels4444” – $7,350.00

“igorthecrazy” – $2,713.60

“Eldos” – $2,713.60

“bennyblanko1tda” – $1,433.60

“Chiposaurrr” – $1,433.60

“makmanaman” – $1,433.60

“rivieri1” – $1,433.60

“LiLiHaLiHa” – $768.00

“magicjet17” – $768.00

MiniFTOPS Event 15 – $30 + $3 Pot Limit Omaha Six Max

This event nearly doubled the prize pool guarantee too, with the 1,887 field generating a total of $56,610 compared to the $30k that was initially on offer. The Omaha event was certainly one of the more popular and keenly contested so far in this series.

Eventually the winner emerged as “sweetlips6” who finally managed to defeat “GOLDA86” heads up for a payout of $10,396.39.

How It Finished!

“sweetlips6” – $10,396.39

“GOLDA86” – $8,200.00

“83oneblood86” – $5,094.90

“kavaler1984” – $3,792.87

“Cava65” – $2,717.28

“IGieeR” – $1,839.83

“Micu81” – $1,143.52

“bondi1311” – $1,143.52

“Thuvern” – $752.91

“coolio79” – $752.91

MiniFTOPS Event 16 – $20 + $2 NLHE Rush

The final event certainly wasn’t about to break the trend and fail to meet its guarantee either, with a large field of 3,289 players creating a healthy total of $65,780. The difference between this event and the other two was the fact that there was no chop this time, the winner “NotsoHidden” walking away with everything he was supposed to with a payout of $12,169.30.

How it Finished!

“NotsoHidden” – $12,169.30

“vipulis” – $8,551.40

“me_robot” – $5,854.42

“Jimmy J Leh” – $4,341.48

“randytabasco11” – $3,289.00

“chillgill” – $2,440.44

“DieselDon” – $1,743.17

“shanshan88” – $1,236.66

“yana11k” – $835.41

“samelove” – $578.86

Today sees another schedule of events, so if you like to keep on track with how they pan out, check back with us tomorrow.