Full Tilt MiniFTOPS XXI Day 14 – Penultimate Day Action

The penultimate day of the MiniFTOPS XXI took place yesterday, with two events being played out. They both yet again kept the series trend going of breaking the guaranteed prize pool placed on them, and provided plenty of players with some excellent payouts.

With the last day taking place today, there are just a couple more chances for you to get in on the act and take part. You could however take part in the PokerStars TCOOP series which started just a few days ago, so you do still have some options.

MiniFTOPS Event 32 – $20 + $2 Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo

The first event of Day 14 at the MiniFTOPS proved to be as successful as all of the rest, with there being a good field of 814 that took part. That brought us a total prize pool of $16,280, which more than doubled the $7,500 guarantee.

When the action got down to just four players remaining, they all agreed to chop the prize pool, meaning that they each won very similar amounts. The player that won this event was “lucky_mitras” taking home $2,204.67 in the process.

How It Finished!

“Lucky_mitras” – $2,204.67

“Parasense” – $2,400.00

“bedias” – $1,900.33

“huyu77” – $1,911.76

“OzzyM” – $651.20

“kalermo” – $455.84

”oeli70“ – $325.60

”KinderSurprises“ – $211.64

”BreezeNek“ – $154.66

”HiLoSplit7“ – $154.66

MiniFTOPS Event 33 – $10 + $1 No Limit Holdem Rush

The second event kicked off at 4pm local time and was yet again a massive success, with the 3,076 players that joined making a prize pool of $105,040, $30k more than the guarantee. These rush events have always proven popular at both the FTOPS MiniFTOPS, so we were actually expecting the guarantee to be broken, we would have been more surprised if it had not.

The player that came out on top on this occasion was “bennerino” as he found his way past a tough final table and heads up encounter with “19mike77”. The top two did strike a deal on during heads up, so “bennerino” actually only took home slightly more than his opponent, with $16,931.82 going into his FTP account.

How It Finished!

“bennerino” – $16,931.82

“19mike77” – $16,155.78

“tasteh” – $9,348.56

“AshTheDonkey” – $6,932.64

“DrJustize” – $5,252.00

“akb1” – $3,896.98

“Ky6blwKa” – $2,783.56

“_Maul_VII” – $1,974.75

“vokivox” – $1,334.01

“bushy787” – $924.35

There are now just today’s events left in the MiniFTOPS, so find out exactly what happened in them tomorrow when we bring you a full and accurate report.