Full Tilt MiniFTOPS XXI Day 4 – Events 8 & 9 End

We are fast approaching the half way stage of the Full Tilt Poker MiniFTOPS XXI series, so far there has been nine different winners, with another two of the coming in the action yesterday. There was an event apiece for lovers of both Omaha and Texas Holdem, with both being hotly contested before their respective winners were announced.

The MiniFTOPS always proves to be a success each time it is held, with smaller stakes players loving the opportunity to get involved in some big tournaments for more reasonable buy-ins. Here is a rundown on the two events played out yesterday:

MiniFTOPS Event 8 – $20 + $2 Pot Limit Omaha Rush

The first event on Day 4 kicked off at 11am local time, with the Pot Limit Omaha Rush managing to attract 1,540 players. That total brought a prize pool of $30,800 which was slightly more than double the original guarantee placed on the event.

That means that there has yet to be a single event so far in the Full Tilt MiniFTOPS XXI, that has not beaten its prize pool guarantee, and long may that continue.

This event saw a three way chop on the prize pool between the top three players, with the eventual winner being “I_Am_Legend91” who took home a good payday of $5,277.28.

How It Finished!

“I_Am_Legend91” – $5,277.28

“Maxwells demon2” – $4,160.46

“kingwi” – $4,483.86

“vulcasha32” – $2,464.00

“KINGDONKIII” – $1,848.00

“007Paghman” – $1,324.40

“takis187” – $862.40

“dubai777” – $816.00

“starclutter” – $431.20

“Ruslan5051” – $257.18

MiniFTOPS Event 9 – $10 + $1 No Limit Holdem Rebuy

The NLHE Rebuy event got underway at 5pm and was another success for the MiniFTOPS as 3,678 players decided to have a pop at the event. This brought about a prize pool of $105,970 which was a good $30k more than the guarantee placed on it.

The event was a fast paced one and was won by “hitthehole” in the end, though him and “Asido” did agree to chop the pot when they got to heads up.

How It Finished!

“hitthehole” – $15,313.65

“Asido” – $14,347.35

“LightningJoker” – $8,583.57

“Cracker2179” – $6,146.26

“SebbyGI” – $4,026.86

“Vinkyy” – $2,543.28

“plura” – $1,695.52

“ToastingBread” – $1,695.52

“liondani” – $1,165.67

“needchipz0” – $1,165.67

Come back tomorrow, when we bring you another report. Day 5 promises looks like it is going to be another exciting day on the virtual felt of Full Tilt Poker as there are another two mouth watering events to be played out.