Full Tilt MiniFTOPS XXI Day 8 – Roundup

The Full Tilt MiniFTOPS XXI is into its second and final week of action now, with 18 of the 35 events having been played. Yesterday we witnessed another two, with each of them attracting huge numbers of players. In total there were a combined 37,956 players taking part in the events, which brought combined prize pools that totaled $721,940.

This series of the MiniFTOPS has continued on all of the success of the previous ones, with not a single event failing to make its guarantee, in fact many have in some cases doubled or even trebled them. That wasn’t quite the case today, but they were still toppled.

Here is a quick rundown of the two events that took place yesterday:

MiniFTOPS Event 17 $12 + $1 NLHE Knockout

This event was expected to be huge, and whilst it certainly was just about big enough to beat the prize pool guarantee of $200k, it only just did it. In fact the massive 20,837 field created a prize pool of $208,370.

The biggest slice of that prize pool went to the fortunate player who managed to navigate past that field and win the event. “kunsch” was that man, as he won a heads up duel against “Bajstomenn” to take home the $30,655.40 winner’s prize.

How it Finished!

“Kunsch” – $30,655.40

“Bajstomenn” – $20,316.08

“willster88” – $14,169.16

“nottzy” – $10,001.76

“andreyluis1” – $7,084.58

“kruninjo” – $5,209.25

“Red_Ace_NL” – $3,854.85

“artlifeAKQJX” – $2,833.83

“Gui-indaia” – $2,000.35

“Cheese9” – $1,354.41

MiniFTOPS Event 18 $30 + $3 NLHE Multi Entry

The second event on Sunday kicked off at 1pm local time with a massive field of players that totaled 17,119 registered, which brought a resulting prize pool of $513,570. That was a good $100k more than the guarantee which meant that there is still yet to be an event that hasn’t broken its guarantee.

The player that came out on top in this high octane event was “canadiense” who took home $73k after agreeing to a chop of the prize pool with the runner up “voin_bg” who himself took home $55,392.50.

How It Finished!

“canadiense” – $73,000.00

“voin_bg” – $55,392.50

“epic_swede” – $35,949.90

“WscieklyPies” – $25,678.50

“xxGant88xx” – $17,974.95

“Temp_93” – $13,352.82

“19mike77” – $9,660.25

“gkap13” – $7,087.27

“Pokerralle03” – $5,032.99

“EmWatson” – $3,389.56

Today will see another three events played out, of which we will be giving a quick breakdown of tomorrow. If you are not taking part but like to stay in the know as to who is winning, make sure you come back and visit us.