Full Tilt MiniFTOPS XXI – Final Day Roundup

The Full Tilt MiniFTOPS XXI was put to bed yesterday as we saw three events played out including the all important Main Event. The series has been hugely popular and will have players eagerly anticipating the next MiniFTOPS run out.

Here is a brief roundup of the last day’s action in the Full Tilt Poker MiniFTOPS XXI:

MiniFTOPS Event 31 – $200 + $16 No Limit Holdem Multi Entry

This was a two day event that actually began on Saturday, yet finished yesterday. The 2,831 players that took part were responsible for a prize pool that almost doubled the $300k guarantee, with the real figure actually being $566,200.

By the end of the event it was “HansGusen112” who finished at the top of the pile for a nice payout of $88,176.00 for his two day efforts.

How it Finished!

“HansGusen112” – $88,176.00

“AD_84” – $75,856.20

“xxxCelticFCxxx” – $80,000.00

“Flush GordoN90” – $41,332.60

“wulfgarrr86” – $28,876.20

“Mr N0body13” – $19,250.80

“Tr4xX” – $13,022.60

“Beat Man” – $9,059.20

“accuss1ty” – $6,794.40

“ClimbTrees” – $4,246.50

MiniFTOPS Event 34 – $24 + $2 No Limit Holdem Knockout Six Max

This event drew a massive playing field, with the numbers standing at 14,832 which managed to beat the prize pool guarantee of $250k. It in fact brought a figure of $296,640 with the largest slice of that pie being for the winner “pupon” who took home $26,536.70. He successfully outlasted the entire field and then beat “VenulaBand” heads up to claim the title.

How It Finished!

“pupon” – $26,536.70

“VenulaBand” – $24,152.12

“zidix” – $26,574.90

“pendall” – $18,539.61

“Dimetriospb” – $21,250.81

“zbubbs22” – $5,932.80

“seeya2010” – $3,974.98

“mylittlepnys” – $3,974.98

“chelovek09” – $2,847.74

“Barma” – $2,847.74

MiniFTOPS Main Event – $70 + $5 No Limit Holdem Multi Entry

The Main Event was the one that everybody was waiting for, with the massive field of 17,578 players trouncing the guaranteed prize pool of $750k by bringing it up to $1,230,460. Each of the top four in this event took home at least $100k, with them all agreeing to chop the prize pool.

“Pessagno” was the player that eventually came out on top with him being awarded $120,270.00 for his excellent efforts of the virtual felt of Full Tilt Poker.

How It Finished!

“pessagno” – $120,270.20

“MacMoneysack” – $130,000.00

“Tripmen” – $103,000.00

“baqr” – $102,000.00

“DecanoBR” – $43,066.10

“GoLeafsGoEh” – $31,991.96

“Andrzejus” – $23,144.95

“dDeoxyribo” – $16,980.35

“dcldcl” – $12,058.51

“SerAlGog” – $8,121.04

With that event over with, it leaves just the PokerStars TCOOP to get our teeth into. The series is only a few days in now, meaning there is more than enough time for you to get in on the action.