Full Tilt Poker Reveal Team Pro Promotion Winners

Gus Hansen and Viktor Blom

Over the weekend the Full Tilt Poker Team Pro Promotion was played out as all the players that had won a place by completing certain achievements, now had to face their team captain of either Viktor Blom or Gus Hansen heads up before going into the Main Event.

Anyone that managed to beat their team captain picked up $1k a piece but had another chance to add to it in the Main Event where all of the players would be randomly put against another player to potentially win another $2k. This depended on which team won on points, so you could in effect win your heads up match but not win any money if your team does not play well.

Eventually it was the Team of Viktor Blom that came out on top after beating Gus Hansen’s team 6 to 3. They each secured $2k for the victory and will now have many good memories of a very popular promotion run by Full Tilt Poker.

Full Tilt Poker also revealed via their blog some of the reactions of the players that took part. We have listed a few but you should head over there to check out the rest. It seems that the majority of the players had the most fun taking on their team captains in the heads up matches.

“Drinkenmaster67” said: The training match versus Isildur1 was more exciting, having a David versus Goliath feeling, knowing thousands of players are watching and one mistake could cost $1,000 made that a thrill ride I will never forget.”

420MUNCHIES was obviously still in gloating mode when he said:Most definitely when I kicked the old man out of the table. I will never forget. I love the promo… I owned Gus Hansen, what more can you ask for?”

We are sure there is going to be many more intuitive promotions such as this one by Full Tilt Poker in the future, whilst we are also sure that Hansen will be wanting to get his revenge for this defeat at the tables.