Full Tilt Poker Rush Poker Now For Mobiles

Mobile smart phone

The ever popular Rush Poker format that was first created and introduced by Full Tilt Poker back in 2010 has now been moved over to their app. This will allow iPhone and android users the ability to now play the hugely popular format on the go and anywhere that there is an internet connection.

This format will cover both real money and play money meaning that the excitement of the app can be enjoyed by all.

On the blog at the Full Tilt Poker website they have released an answer and question session in which the Mobile Product Manager at FTP, Eoin Redmond answers some questions relating to what players can expect.

One of those questions is below, yet the remaining can be seen if you head over to the Full Tilt Poker website.

Q1. Will players have the opportunity to select any of the rush poker lobbies on the app?

A1.”Players can choose between No-Limit Hold’em, Pot-Limit Omaha, and Adrenaline Rush at a range of stake levels from 1c/2c to $2/$4.

Adrenaline Rush games (coming January 7th) are 4-handed. You can buy in for between five and ten big blinds and there is no post-flop betting. You can only raise or fold, unless your opponent is already all-in, you are calling all-in, or the ten big blind cap has been reached.

The app will be particularly attractive to players who are short on time and love poker. If you’re passing time on the commute to work or in a café on your lunch break, you can get involved in some action quickly.

The remaining questions cover the graphical interface of the app, how long players can sit out at the table, whether or not there is a time bank and other queries regarding things like making a bet.

Much in the same way that sister site PokerStars have put a lot of effort into getting their mobile app up and running and promoting it, Full Tilt Poker were not expected to be too far behind in that respect. Now players are not only able to play virtually anywhere but they also have a choice between two of the world’s best online poker sites to enjoy the games that they love.