Full Tilt To Be Re-Launched By November!

Today it was made completely official that PokerStars settlement with the DOJ is finally completed. PokerStars representative Lee Jones has also confirmed that the Full Tilt poker site will be back up and fully operational by the 6th of November.

For Americans that is the same day as the presidential elections, so in essence while players all over America are voting for someone that may once again legalize online gambling, players will once again be able to ply their trade on Full Tilt Poker.

It has been a long journey for those players who have been unfortunate to have their funds stuck on Full Tilt Poker, 15 months with no real clue on what is going to happen. However, today announcement does put everything in stone, that there will be repayments that total in excess of $300 million.

Jones who had once worked as the card room manager of PokerStars between the years of 2003 and 2007 did leave the company for personal reasons, though he rejoined in 2011 to take charge of their Home Games Project, made this comment on a popular poker forum:

Hi folks –

We’re delighted to announce that we have officially closed our deal with the U.S. DoJ as of today, August 9th. 90 days from today is November 6th (yes, U.S. election day). Full Tilt Poker will be live no later than that day.

Best regards,

Lee Jones

This is exceptional news for previous Full Tilt players, but also good news for the rest of the poker community. The clock has officially started on PokerStars to re-launch the Full Tilt site, they have 90 days. Part of this process includes giving non-UIS based FTP players complete access to their accounts, which should be in exactly the same state as they left them.

Additionally, whilst US based players will not be able to utilize their funds on the site, they will have access to their funds. Thought the system on how this will happen has yet to be introduced, it is something that PokerStars are working on with extreme haste.

As we know, US based players will have to go through the American government in relation to getting any funds they are owed by Full Tilt Poker, which has left many people wondering if they will get what they are owed.

Some theorists have the opinion that the DOJ will find it difficult to justify giving gamblers back their money when gambling as a whole is illegal in the states.

Well, as always we will keep you up to date on everything that happens regarding this takeover, whilst also anything to do with the repayment for US based players.