“g3r4rd0x” Wins The Sunday Million

We again had the Sunday Million on PokerStars yesterday, with another massive turnout smashing the $1 million prizepool guarantee. The Sunday Million is the centerpiece of online poker each week for thousands of players across the world, with this week’s winner being the oddly named “g3r4d0x”.

In total there were 7,169 players who took to the online felt, which as per usual hammered the guarantee and brought a total of $1,433,800. This meant that there would be a total of 1,080 players paid out, with the winner guaranteed at least $100k depending on chops made at the final table.

The first few hours of play moved along at quite a pace, with the bubble actually coming at around the five hour mark. Once there were just 1,080 players left it meant that everyone was guaranteed at least $301.09 for their troubles, though they would all be looking to take more than that.

PokerStars Team Pros

There was the usual selection of PokerStars Team Pros in action, with some making the money. The first of them to be eliminated in the money was Christophe “chrisdm” De Meulder who fell in 885th place. Next of them to go was Richard Toth in 612th who was followed about an hour later by Satvros Kalfas in 505th.

The Team Pro to get the furthest was in fact Martin Staszko who did well to get into the top 200 and was eliminated in 169th for a payout of $774.25.

The Final Table!

At level 37 we were finally at the final table, where the blinds had reached 125,000/250,000 and an ante of 25,000. The leader at this point was “NinziaAkaPaxi” who held 17.3 million chips which was a lead of almost 7 million more than anyone else.

As it turned out though, he only managed to finish fourth, though still won a larger payout than the winner due to a cut between the last 6 players. He won $116,622.57 for 4th while the player “pengebingen1” won $117,198.87 for finishing 6th.

Heads up was between “g3r4rd0x” and “2fingerz 2u” with the final happening when all the chips went in the middle with “g3r4rd0x” holding 9d-9h and “2fingerz 2u” with the Kh-Th. The community cards fell as 6s-8s-8d-Ac-Qd to give the title and 1st place prize to “g3r4rd0x”.

The Final Standings!

g3r4rd0x (Peru) – $108,234.99

2fingerz 2u (UK) – $113,773.98

vecveZivec (Czech Republic) – $105,880.20*

NinziAkaPaxi (Finland) – $116,622.57*

b2bporker (Australia) – $105,541.81*

pengebingen1 (Norway) – $117,198.87*

faithless (Costa Rica) – $30,826.70

tsakoni22 (Bulgaria) – $17,205.60

PESCJAU (Brazil) – $11,111.95

Don’t forget that next Sunday will see each of the PokerStars Sunday events running twice, in a promotion known as “Double Vision”.