Galfond Shares His Thoughts On Latest Debate


We mentioned it yesterday and it seems that we were right, the debate that was sparked over the comments made by Joe Hachem have really does not seem to be going away. This time it was Phil Galfond who spoke out about the debate. He classes himself as a new school player that is very close to being considered old school and in a very long blog post discusses the differences between the two and what each should do to make the game more enjoyable for the viewers.

He starts by pretty much agreeing with what Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu on most points but wanted to put across the perspective of how it is for young, intelligent online poker players when they try to kick on in the live game.

“I honestly have no idea whether the Old School realizes this or not, but the New School has a huge chip on their shoulder.  A lot of them (including me, long ago) find it very frustrating that there are players (who they feel they could wipe the floor with) getting recognition, praise, fanfare, and the respect from the public, while they get none.

I’ve always felt that there was a certain level of dishonesty coming from those in the spotlight.  Some guys on TV talking down to younger guys, claiming to be the best, claiming the kids have no chance against them.

It made us feel like, “Well there are over 30 online guys you can choose from to play 300/600nl online or live with, and you don’t.  So obviously you don’t actually believe what you’re saying (which is indirectly about me) to the camera.”

He can also understand the old school player’s general opinion about the young kids that come into the game; however he believes the older generation have a responsibility to welcome these players more to a table. If the kids feel like they are not wanted or feel that their game is not respected then they are less likely to get involved with the entertainment side of the tables.

He feels there needs to be a mutual respect between the old and new in order for the game to become more interesting for those watching it. It is then that the personalities of the younger players will start to come out.

He even had some ideas on how this could be done.

“Let the table of players get together and have lunch before filming.   Old School- talk to the kids.  Give them your lecture on how we’re here for the good of the game and for entertainment.  Explain why the opportunity is big for them, and how it has nothing to do with the cash they may or may not win at the table.”

“The next generation isn’t as outgoing or immediately entertaining, but they have personalities… many of them have very interesting ones.   You just have to know them- or in the case of a broadcast, give them the chance to open up.”

His blog post goes far deeper than what we can show here, so you really do have to head over there and take a look yourself. It is a long read but an incredibly well thought out blog post that really goes some way to sharing the opinions of both generations.