Gaming Intelligence Names Eric Hollreiser in Hot 50 List

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Gaming Intelligence has published their Hot 50 list and Eric Hollreiser, Rational Group’s Head of Corporate Communications has been included. The list recognises the “most talented, innovative and inspiring individuals working in the online gambling industry.” Rafi Ashkenazi, Rational Group COO and the company’s Head of Casino, Sam Hobcraft were also named on the list.

The Rational Group owns and operates PokerStars, which has been the world’s most popular poker site for 13 years, and now this is the case for Full Tilt Poker.  Unlike most companies that had reached the pinnacles of success, customers knew very little about PokerStars other than the site provided superior customer service and an impressive selection of cash games and tournaments.

Lee Jones, Head of Poker Communications, explains it well. “The way I’d bluntly describe it is that for a long time, we were a black box to our customers. In short, they put their money in, and a great enjoyable poker experience came out. The players were happy with that arrangement, and all we had to do was work hard to maintain and improve the great poker experience that came out.”

As the popularity of online poker and online gaming increased so did the scrutiny of the industry by regulators and governments. Customers also began to seek more information about the sites.

Lee Jones summed up PokerStars situation. “While we were very good at producing a great poker experience, we had little or no clue as to how one would explain and demystify that process in a way that would be understandable and reassuring outside,”

This is where Eric Hollreiser enters, the man charged with demystifying PokerStars. Hollreiser’s background in corporate communications includes worldwide icons Disney, Microsoft and Activision.  All of these companies enjoy a great deal of public awareness and transparency and Hollreiser set out to do the same thing for the Rational Group.

He summed up his position as follows; “As countries began drafting regulation and establishing licensing structures a few years ago, the expectations upon online gaming companies evolved regulators and legislators demand greater levels of transparency. At the same time, social trends have affected consumer expectations of companies – they want to know what kind of company they are doing business with. PokerStars saw this shift and established my role to prepare the company for that new reality.”

Lee Jones sums up Hollreiser and his impact even better.

“Eric, fortunately, is a ninth-dan black belt at that very thing, having served similar roles at Microsoft and Disney. He pulls back the curtain, shines the light on what we do and makes it clear and easy to understand. This makes the customers happier and improves their overall experience.”

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