George Danzer and the EPT catheter bag

George Danzer

It could prove a popular, practical change to the freebie given to all PokerStars players on arrival at a European Poker Tour event – the EPT Catheter Bag.

It was an idea not lost on Team PokerStars Pro George Danzer earlier this month. It was during some down time at EPT Barcelona that Danzer, over a few beers, explained the difficulties faced by the jobbing online pro, particularly when it came to bathroom breaks.

Danzer liked to play four-handed cash games, but according to him that means you cannot ever leave the game. Not even for a minute. Should you do so “the fish” will leave, preferring not to play three-handed or heads-up should another player drop out. So, you grit your teeth, clench a few other things, and stick it out.

So maybe the catheter wouldn’t be a bad thing after all? Branded of course.

When relieved and comfortable however, George Danzer is one of those players who is a pleasure to watch. Whether it’s online or live, Danzer brings an element of the ridiculous to a poker tournament, boiling down a fiercely competitive pursuit into simple terms — a group of men, and the odd woman, paying a lot of money to play cards.

Perhaps that’s why recently he has begun to sport a Mohawk. Not the traditional cut for a man who usually wears a blazer and silk scarf, but a striking flash of the ridiculous in a game that sometimes takes itself too seriously.

It may be this sense of the ridiculous that permits Danzer to thrive in both the live and online domains. The most recent evidence for this came in Event #40 of the World Championship of Online Poker, in which Danzer narrowly missed out on a third WCOOP bracelet, finishing second to Zimmy86, and picking up $156,648.47.

During the event he laughed off losing the chip lead, which he’d held for hours, and reacted with typical gusto when his internet was disconnected for ten minutes. One can only imagine the inner turmoil of a disconnected player who, on the one hand needs to turn-everything-off-and-then-turn-everything-on-again, and on the other desperately needs to pee.

But Danzer stuck it out, as he always does, signing off one place short of a third title, which would have been his sixth career ‘COOP win. It’s another reason to celebrate for Danzer, who no doubt starts such festivities with a trip to the John.