The glamorous way of playing poker (vid)

Friends playing poker

Most of those who play poker regard the game as nothing more than a pleasant pastime, with the financial incentives being less important. The spirit of competition, the adrenaline rush and the potential payouts has made the game immensely popular and players frequently make the transition from amateur to professional poker. The more time you spend at the tables, the more important it is to enjoy the atmosphere and to never leave your comfort zone.

Professional Greg Merson won the World Series and had plenty of opportunities to compete at various poker tables. This is why it makes perfect sense to give him credit when he says that the guys at Luxury Gaming craft wonderful tables. Greg was so enthusiastic about their products that he found it worthwhile to post his opinion on Twitter and link to the manufacturer’s website.


The philosophy behind the concept of building exquisite poker tables is that people play with passion and they are entitled to enjoy the perfect setting. Luxury Gaming specialises in building gorgeous poker tables and surfaces that are bound to impress and invite prospective customers to share their ideas and passions. No matter how wild these ideas are, they strive to translate abstract concepts into reality, with each project taking anywhere between 300 to 1000 hours.

It goes without saying that a lot of time, energy and creativity is invested in these tables and this will also be reflected in the poker tables’ price. This is not the kind of investment a regular poker room would make, but poker professionals and those with a genuine passion for the game should definitely check them out. Playing at a James Bond inspired table and stacking your chips on a NASCAR or Red Sox table is an entirely different experience, to say the least.

A picture is worth 1000 words and there are plenty of images on their official website, depicting some of the stunning tables they have created. These poker tables are functional works of art, so those who contemplate the possibility of purchasing should also check out the LG at LuxBoston International video on YouTube: