Global Poker Index Report – ElkY Returns To The Top

first place

As usual the Global Poker Index has revealed its weekly list of the current top 300 tournament players in the world. They calculate the top 300 by use of a formula based on the results of each player over the past 3 years.

Over the past couple of months the top position has changed several times, with Jason Mercier being at the top for the past two weeks. However this week he was ousted from that position by Bertrand “ElkY” Grosspellier who returns to the top spot having been there and thereabouts all year.

The Current Top Ten:

1 Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier 2,811.06 +1

2 Jason Mercier 2,708.51 -1

3 Dan Smith 2,644.59 –

4 Marvin Rettenmaier 2,635.92 –

5 Steve O’Dwyer 2,595.21 –

6 Vanessa Selbst 2,508.90 –

7 Andrew Lichtenberger 2,423.38 +2

8 Mike “Timex” McDonald 2,413.37 -1

9 David “Doc” Sands 2,381.18 +3

10 Shawn Buchanan 2,356.31 +1


New Entries To The Top 300

This week we had a total of nine new players to the GPI top 300. Jacob Bazely came into the highest position of them all after a good fifth place finish in a side event at the 2012 WinStar River Poker Series.

The New Additions:

Jacob Bazeley 1,300.86 190th

Kunal Patel 1,130.83 258th

Carla Solinas 1,098.62 284th

Viktor Blom 1,073.74 295th

Mike Sexton 1,073.60 296th

Rob Akery 1,072.64 297th

Maxi Lehmanski 1,070.89 298th

Eric Baldwin 1,070.64 299th

Moreten Mortensen 1,069.24 300th

Whilst we have gained nine new players, it ultimately means that nine were also dropped from the list. These players are Hugo Lemaire, Vinny Pahuja, James Mitchell, Taylor von Kriegenbergh, Joe Cassidy, Stephane Benadiba, Mike Leah, Ryan Eriquezzo and Nam Le.

The Highest Gainers!

35th Scott Baumstein 1,987.44 +22

117th Sergio Castelluccio 1,557.88 +34

152nd Roland Israelashvili 1,434.87 +15

167th Aubin Cazals 1,375.79 +25

202nd Rupert Elder 1,263.43 +40

204th Ismael Bojang 1,252.25 +41

216th Massimo Mosele 1,232.28 +15

246th Paul Volpe 1,144.20 +16

251st Max Silver 1,140.50 +34

279th Bryce Yockey 1,104.99 +17


The best improvement regarding placements was made by Ismael Bojang who jumped up 41 positions due to an eighth place finish at a side event in the 2012 Merit Spring Open.

The Biggest Drops!

62nd Fabrice Soulier 1,850.14 -32

68th Martin Jacobson 1,796.27 -26

89th Matt Waxman 1,684.51 -40

94th Isaac Baron 1,625.42 -25

153rd Alex Kravchenko 1,429.19 -38

154th Guillaume Darcourt 1,425.38 -22

217th Mario Puccini 1,231.49 -29

242nd John Andress 1,153.63 -32

260th Allen Cunningham 1,128.32 -27

280th Tim West 1,102.42 -67


Tim West was the player to fall the most places in this week’s GPI rankings, dropping a massive 67 positions. He will be hoping to improve in the coming weeks with plenty of tournaments on the go.