Global Poker Index – Smith Still At Number One

Yet again the GPI or Global Poker Index has released its fully updated list of who they rank as the very best 300 tournament poker players in the world. They use a points system based on the results of each player during a three year basis to determine their rankings, with the GPI widely recognised as the number one with regards to poker rankings.

Though the current top ten did not change with regards to rankings, there were plenty of changes further down.

The battle at the top between Smith and Rettenmaier has been a closely fought one over the past couple of months, with the latter making a real challenge on tat number one spot. Each player won Player Of The Year awards last year as it was incredibly difficult to split the accomplishments of both players.

The Current Top Ten!

Dan Smith – 3,335.01

Marvin Rettenmaier – 3,295.55

Jason Mercier – 3,078.06

Bertrand Grospellier – 3,052.95

Andrew Lichtenberger – 2,955.58

Joseph Cheong – 2,927.17

Mike Watson – 2,850.10

Vanessa Selbst – 2,827.12

David Sands – 2,809.81

Steve O’Dwyer – 2,785.22

Some of those changes included three new players entering the top 300, with Nam le jumping in at 272nd, Terrence Chan dropping in at 278th and Daniele Mazzia just squeezing in the top 300 in 298th place.

The players that these guys replaced were Bruno Fitoussi, the well known Oliver Spiedel and the unlucky Roland Israelashivili.

The Biggest Climbers And Fallers!

With regards to the biggest climbs up the rankings, the biggest was made by Timothy Chang mainly due to his performances at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. He jumped up a massive 68 spots from 289th to 221st. The next largest was made by Joe Tehan climbing 56 places into 154th.

The player that managed to jump into the highest position was Jason Koon, again because of his performance at the PCA’s, with him climbing 34 places into 42nd.

We also had some big fallers this week, with names such as John Dolan, Steve Barshak, Jonathan little, Adam Geyer, Ray Qartomy and Aaron Lim falling more than 20 spots apiece. The latter of them Aaron Lim fell the furthest as he dropped 42 places down to 299th and only just managed to stay in the top 300. John Dolan also dropped a significant amount of places, with this down to some of his results now maturing, he fell to 183rd from 147th.

We like to stay in tune with how the GPI ranks the tournament poker players, so if you share our interest you will be glad to know that we regularly produce updates on the movements of players on the GPI.