Global Poker Index Weekly Rankings

We are at that time in the week again where we take a look at the weekly report from the Global Poker Index with regards to their current rankings of the top 300 tournament poker players in the world. They release this report once a week and calculate their rankings based on each players tournament results over a three year basis.

This Week’s Top Ten:

1 Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier 2,811.06 –

2 Jason Mercier 2,763.01 –

3 Dan Smith 2,699.92 –

4 Marvin Rettenmaier 2,612.98 –

5 Andrew Lichtenberger 2,597.57 +1

6 Philipp Gruissem 2,578.22 +1

7 Vanessa Selbst 2,469.98 +1

8 Steve O’Dwyer 2,451.39 -3

9 Michael Mizrachi 2,443,11 +4

10 David “Doc” Sands 2,381.18 -1


The biggest mover was Michael Mizrachi who has moved into the top ten for the first time since July. This is mainly due to his excellent third place performance in the PLO €5,000 event in the WSOPE last week.

New Players In The Top 300!

Adrien Allain 1,246.38 208th

Ana Marquez 1,149.52 248th

Jess Yawitz 1,116.90 271st

Jon Aguiar 1,108.98 278th

Joe Kuether 1,090.98 292nd

Simeon Naydenov 1,085.93 295th

Justin Conley 1,081.03 297th

Alessandro Longobardi 1,080.36 299th


With these eight joining the top 300 it means we lost players including Salvatore Baonavena and Nicolas Cardyn from the top 300.

Highest Jumps In Rank!

16th Roger Hairabedian 2,273.05 +36

67th Faraz Jaka 1,751.49 +124

81st Dan O’Brien 1,689.31 +42

92nd John Monnette 1,639.38 +36

125th Mihails Morozovs 1,523.42 +32

126th John Eames 1,514.11 +32

129th Brandon Cantu 1,506.36 +94

158th Simon Ravnsbaek 1,414.52 +64

205th Matt Stout 1,252.75 +68

222nd Dominik Nitsche 1,213.97 +35


With the WSOPE now finished it has been responsible for a lot of movement in the rankings with Faraz Jaka making the largest jump up the rankings, this is down to him cashing twice in the tournament. This propelled him up 124 places into 67th.

Biggest Falls In Rank!

176th David Vamplew 1,354.21 -57

199th Jean-Philippe Rohr 1,272.49 -52

228th Rocco Palumbo 1,205.44 -34

231st Jake Bazeley 1,193.46 -35

246th Nick Yunis 1,161.64 -48

266th Anatoly Gurtovy 1,132.48 -54

273rd Dermot Blain 1,114.42 -36

284th Dana Kellstrom 1,099.63 -33

289th Marco Leonzio 1,096.02 -49

290th Barnard Lee 1,094.49 -44


The biggest drop was by David Vamplew who fell 57 places this week, mainly because many of his previous event results have now aged and are worth less ranking points.

We may have seen some big changes this week, yet next week promises even more due to the WSOPE being completed now. Jason Mercier should find himself back at the top, whilst Phil Hellmuth will move back into the top 20 after winning the Main Event.