Global Poker Index Weekly Update

stack of poker chips

As usual the Global Poker Index has released its list of the updated current best 300 tournament players in the world. They use a formula that calculates each of the players results over the past three years. With so many tournaments having taken place recently there is a huge scope for change in this week’s report. Let’s take a look at how it is shaping up.

The Current Top 10:

Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier 2,811.06 –

Jason Mercier 2,774.38 –

Dan Smith 2,699.92 —

Marvin Rettenmaier 2,640.74 —

Steve O’Dwyer 2,621.76 —

Andrew Lichtenberger 2,597.57 +1

Philipp Gruissem 2,578.22 +12

Vanessa Selbst 2,508.90 -2

David “Doc” Sands 2,381.18 —

Shawn Buchanan 2,375.26 —


A new entry into the top ten this week is that of Phil Gruissem, he recently finished third in the WPT Grand Prix de Paris earning €170,065 in the process.

New Additions To The Top 300!

In total we had a total of ten new players making it into the best 300 tournament players in the world of poker. Ramin Hajiyev was the highest new entry by going in at 174th. He earned this by gaining an 11th place finish at the Partouche Poker Main Event.

Ramin Hajiyev 1,357.05 174th

Ole Schemion 1,321.52 185th

Vinny Pahuja 1,196.99 230th

Tomeu Gomila 1,166.68 242nd

Fabian Quoss 1,162.64 243rd

Jesse Alexis Cohen 1,144.78 251st

Sean Jazayeri 1,134.99 260th

Matt Salsberg 1,124.26 268th

Nicolas Cardyn 1,086.62 293rd

Justin Conley 1,081.03 297th


Where we always have new entries we also lose a fair few players from the GPI each week. This week it was the turn of players such as Morten Mogensen, Rob Akery, Eric Baldwin and Barny Boatman to fall.

The Biggest Rank Increases!

32nd Tobias Reinkemeier 2,034.87 +38

76th Kristijonas Andrulis 1,745.65 +51

100th Tristan Wade 1,608.88 +38

119th Dan O’Brien 1,553.33 +112

122nd David Vamplew 1,549.81 +57

127th David Benyamine 1,525.69 +44

150th Timothy Adams 1,438.92 +71

173rd Simon Ravnsbaek 1,357.42 +98

200th John Andress 1,278.47 +42

238th James Akenhead 1,174.13 +39

239th Arnaud Mattern 1,171.13 +49


The biggest gain was by far achieved by Dan O’Brian as he went from 231st all the way up to 119th. This was mainly down to him coming 4th at the Partouche Poker Tour Main Event.

Biggest Falls!

62nd Oleksii Kovalchuk 1,850.34 -30

78th Sam Trickett 1,718.99 -32

148th Keven Stammen 1,441.79 -40

157th Salman Behbehani 1,412.68 -65

160th Vadzim Kursevich 1,405.05 -26

188th John Racener 1,315.21 -41

202nd Frederik Jensen 1,275.92 -78

258th Ben Vinson 1,138.41 -52

284th Marko Neumann 1,102.38 -30

288th Ty Reiman 1,098.00 -66


Frederik Jensen was the player that fell the furthest this week. This was mainly down to his EPT win in Madrid back in March slipping into period two with regards to the calculations.