Good Day For “samrostan” Sees $308k Profits

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It’s been a fairly quiet time at the high stakes tables of both PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker recently but yesterday did see some action resulting in a good day at the tables for the Macau based player known as “samrostan”.

For the second time in a week he took more than $300k in profits after banking $308.5k to add to the $328k he won earlier in the week.

Before “samrostan” had arrived on the scene the action was already underway with Viktor “Isildur1” Blom and “PostFlopAction” battling it out on the 8-game tables. This session ended in under an hour after Blom had taken $11.2k from his opponent. Both players then decided to carry on their battle at another table.

The new table seemed to reverse the fortunes of both players as “PostFlopAction” quickly took back the money he had lost before “samrostan” turned up at the table.

He didn’t waste any time in taking home the profit after storming into a $200k profit in less than two hours. At this point Blom decided that losing $205k throughout the day was more than enough and left the table.

samrostan” then went about losing his profits almost as quickly as he had previously made them as “PostFlopAction” took control of the heads up session. However, he would have been grateful that “punting-peddler” than decided to sit as it changed the momentum of the table once more.

The new opponent quickly lost more than $300k at the table with “samrostan” being the biggest benefactor as it was this final session that brought him his total winnings of $308.5k.

All of the other big winners below saw their profits come to them over at PokerStars with “philbort” taking home $62.5k, “Carloo13” $59.7k and “Whipper87” $38.5k respectively.

We expect the tables to remain quiet for the next few weeks due to Christmas but we will always be on hand to let you know the goings on at the high stakes tables if and when this action occurs, so be sure to pop in once in a while to have a look.

The Day’s Biggest Profits

1st) samrostan – (+$308.5k)

2nd) philbort – (+$62.2k)

3rd) Carlooo13 – (+$59.7k)

4th) Whipper87 – (+$38.5k)