GPI – McDonald and Negreanu Top Lists

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In the wake of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, EPT Deauville and the Aussie Millions, the GPI has released new data regarding the leaders of the 2014 GPI Player of the Year and GPI 300 Top 10. The impact of the aforementioned tournaments was considerable, yet we see mostly familiar faces at the top of the list. The Global Poker Index uses comprehensive data and lists the most successful 300 poker players in the world by factoring in their results, over a long period of time.

Mike McDonald has climbed to the top of the 2014 GPI Player of the Year. Mostly due to his performance at the Aussie Millions. He boosted his bankroll greatly in the $100k and $250k Challenges and consolidated his position at the top, as a result of finishing second in the PCA Main Event. Liv Boeree, Jason Mercier, Ami Barer and Fabian Quoss added their names to the top 10, following their success at the Aussie Millions Main Event.

2014 GPI Player of the Year

  1. Mike McDonald – 496.14
  2. Dominik Panka – 397.13
  3. Dan Smith – 385.81
  4. Vanessa Selbst – 383.14
  5. Davidi Kitai – 348.20
  6. Jason Mercier – 343.20
  7. Alexander Denisov – 337.94
  8. LivBoeree – 326.19
  9. Fabian Quoss – 326.19
  10. Ami Barer – 304.33

Ole Schemion finished 2013 at the top of the GPI 300 Top 10 but he failed to score any big win in any of the three tournaments of January and February 2014. This opened the door for Daniel Negreanu to leapfrog him and now the Canadian sits at the top of the list with more than 4000 points. His perseverance in the $100k and $250k Challenges, where he bought in several times, paid off not only financially, as he now has a comfortable lead over the pack.

Few things have changed at the top of the GPI 300 Top 10, with one notable addition being Jason Mercier who returns with 3516 points. He sits in the 5th place, within striking distance of Marvin Rettenmaier and Dan Smith and holds a narrow lead over Philipp Gruissem, Mike McDonald and Vanessa Selbst. Erik Seidel and Ravi Raghavan are also recent additions to this prestigious list, albeit they had to settle for the 9th and 10th place.

GPI 300 Top 10

  1. Daniel Negreanu – 4093.60
  2. Ole Schemion – 3883.97
  3. Marvin Rettenmaier – 3663.16
  4. Dan Smith – 3640.86
  5. Jason Mercier – 3516.36
  6. Philipp Gruissem – 3516.36
  7. Mike McDonald – 3478.73
  8. Vanessa Selbst – 3426.44
  9. Erik Seidel – 3318.49
  10. Ravi Raghavan – 3299.15