Grafton Takes Down The GUKPT Grand Final

The Grosvenor UK Poker Tour finally came to an end last night as Sam Grafton came out on top on a tough final table which led to him winning the £100k first place prize. The day started with just the nine remaining players left to battle it out for the title, with it certainly going at a hundred miles an hour.

As the final table started it was Matt Moss who was the chip leader, and he started the day in the same vein that he finished it the night before. He eliminated Chris Brammer in 9th place for a payout of £7,700 when he called an all-in holding the 10-9 and hit a straight against his opponents A-J.

Next up we lost Sandeep Khosa in 8th place when he came second in a coinflip against Peter Charalambous. He held the pocket jacks and was ahead preflop against his opponents K-Q but a turn showed the king and he was out for a payout of £10,300.

In 7th place went Dave Maudlin, as he lost out to Jon Spinks who had already previously crippled him just a few hands earlier. He was awarded £13,700 for his efforts, which were very good considering he was actually the short stack as the day started.

George Hassabis finished in a very respectable 6th place and took home £17,100, after he couldn’t quite make his flush and lost out to the top pair of Charalambous. He was then quickly joined by Jon Spinks in 5th place; this occurred when Moss hit trips on the turn to easily beat the flopped two pair he was holding.

Despite that win, it was Moss who would head for the exit signs next after suffering a bad beat. He pushed as the short stack with the best hand you could possibly hope for in the pocket aces and was called by the pocket queens of Grafton, however a queen on the river broke his heart and sent him home with £28,250.

Final Three!

The final three players went at it for quite a long time before we had the next elimination. When it came though it was Victor Ilyulkhin who would head to the rail, pushing with second pair only to see his opponent Charalambous sitting on a two pair. We are sure that the £45,400 he won would have sweetened his disappointment a little though.

The very final hand of the night saw Sam Grafton become the champion when he managed to get all of Charalambous’s chips into the middle when he was holding the As-4s against his opponents pocket tens. Despite being behind he managed to make a flush on the river to take home the title and £102,700