Gregg Wins WPT Parx Open To Earn His First Major Event Title

Long time poker pro Anthony Gregg has finally done what he has always threatened to do and taken down his first major poker title. He has won the World Poker Tour Parx Open Poker Classic after a tough 228 hands on the final days play.

Gregg has amassed over $2.3 million from live performances throughout his career but a major title has always eluded him until now, however he finally has one and took home $416,127 for his efforts too.

Gregg had to endure a very tough final table that included five other players such as Chris Lee and Stephen Reynolds. By beating players of this caliber Gregg can now be firmly considered as a pro of the very highest caliber.

Though major live titles have generally avoided Gregg, the same cannot be said for online tournaments considering he once one the PokerStars Sunday Million which involves literally thousands of players. Another perk to winning here at the Parx Open was the fact that he also wins a seat in the WPT Championship to be held next year.

Heads Up Reynolds Is Ahead By 2-1

Gregg certainly didn’t have it easy here; by the time he got to heads up with Stephen Reynolds he had half the stack of his opponent. Gregg did start to close the gap but then Reynolds managed build up a stack of around 12 million chips compared to Gregg’s 3 million.

However in a hand that was probably the pivotal one for Gregg in this tournament allowed him to double up and get right back into the game. It was hand number 202 and Gregg simply limped in with 150,000, Reynolds pushed and Gregg called almost instantly when holding a pair of nines.

Reynolds had A,5 which didn’t connect and suddenly Gregg was just 3 million chips behind. That gave him confidence and he slowly pulled Reynolds in and actually overtook him for the first time. Once that happened he simply strode on and on until the win was finally his.

Reynolds took home $244,877, though will still probably be wondering where that second ace was in the hand that could have won him the tournament. The final day chip leader at the beginning was Chris Lee, and though he fell back a little bit he still managed to finish in third for a payout of $108,034.

Here are the results of the final table:

• 1st: Anthony Gregg – $416,127

• 2nd: Stephen Reynolds – $244,877

• 3rd: Chris Lee Lee – $158,450

• 4th: Larry Sharp – $108,034

• 5th: Chris Vandeursen – $76,824

• 6th: Andre Nyffeler – $61,619