‘Grind Station’ With Andras Nemeth

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Full Tilt Poker Blog have recently started a new series called ‘Grind Station’ in which they visit the homes of well known professional poker players that earn their living from playing at Full Tilt Poker and give them an interview.

Their latest edition is the third so far and comes after they interviewed both Marc Kennedy and Kristen Bicknall in the first two editions. The third edition of Grind Station sees FTP at the home of Andras Nemeth and asking the Hungarian professional poker player questions regarding his grind station and how much time he spends playing.

Whilst he plays on average around 80k hands in cash games and also takes in about 8 MTT’s, he believes strongly in having a balanced lifestyle rather than grinding all of the time.

“I play MTTs around 2 times a week and play cash games the other days. Most cash game hands I put in a month was around 80k hands. I think if i had to I could put in around 150k hands but I dont want to do that.”

“I just prefer to have a balanced life, go to theatres, concerts, and dinners every week and spend time with my girlfriend and friends. That just seems impossible to me while playing 150k hands a month so I just try to stick to what works for me very well.”

He also believes in being fit and healthy whilst playing as that will enable all players to play the game at their best and actually warns players away from energy drinks, which you can of course see for yourself by taking the full edition over at Full Tilt Poker.

We will let you know who the fourth Professional will be interviewed as soon as we know ourselves but this feature is a great way to gain a little bit of information into the lives of those players that we see everyday playing poker online.