Guaranteed Or Not – Does Anybody Know?

The forthcoming ISPT has been massive news of late; the new tour is to be set in all of the world’s biggest stadiums promising huge payouts of around 20 million Euro’s for the main events. However the International Stadiums Poker Tour has come under a little bit of flack lately.

This is down to the word “Guaranteed” going missing every time they advertise the tour now. They were previously advertising the fact that the first tournament to be held at Wembley stadium in London next year will be a guaranteed 20 million euro event.

Popular poker forums across the world have begun noticing that the French organizers Laurent Tapie and Prosper Masquelier have subtlety removed any reference to a guaranteed prize fund from their website and any other form of advertisement.

These concerns rose to an all time high concern when the company recently released a press statement, they again did not mention that the prize pool was guaranteed and just said that it would be approximately 20 million euro’s. Well, of course after that statement the intensity on these forums erupted. This alerted news reporters who are always very keen to find out the truth.

To try and set the record straight the UK Spokesmen Stephan McClean attempted to face forum posters and reporters alike. He initially suggested that the Main Event was in fact guaranteed, however he tried to confuse the issue by suggesting that the money will be held in a Skrill account by Masquelier.

McClean refused to comment any further except to say that the organizers will release further details on the 3rd of September.

As this was not quite good enough for a confirmation, you can imagine that the poker forums went even wilder. We had posters debating whether the huge costs of running a stadium would have an effect, would the profits allow such a payout, logistical concerns etc.

So What Is The New ISPT?

The whole concept is to combine an online and live event like no other before. There is going to be an estimated 30,000 players for each event, where the buy-in will be around 600 euro’s. Internet qualifiers will allow for many others to qualify too, when it gets to the stadiums, players will play in each stand right up until it gets down to the final 3,000 players. They will then compete on the floor of the chosen stadium until we have a winner.

Until then though it would be nice for anyone who is considering sticking in 600 Euro’s to know if the prize pool is guaranteed or not. They need to set people straight on this otherwise this tournament and series could not be as successful as they are all hoping it will be.