GUKPT Day 1 – Luke Schwartz Leading

Yesterday saw the start of the latest stop on the Grosvenor UK Poker Tour, with Luton being the latest location. The Main Event kicked off with a whole host of big names being amongst the eventual 155 players who started the £1,070 buy-in event.

From that original 155 though, only 63 would be fortunate to see themselves through to Day 2, with the current chip leader being Luke Schwartz. He had a good day at the felt and ended the day with a chip stack of 179,100, which puts him around 45k ahead of his closest rival.

Schwartz is normally a cash player by trade but has steadily increased his participation in tournaments recently and judging on his performance so far in this event it is proving to be quite a wise choice. Especially considering he actually scooped $406,736 a few months back for a 4th place finish in the $50k Poker Players Championship.

This event is not going to be paying money anywhere near that amount, however this event does represent a good chance for him to take down his first ever major title.

The player in second place is Matthew Perry who has a well earned stack of 145,575 and is in a very good position to mount a sustained assault on the title. Perry is a man in form too, he won the Palm Beach Big Game a couple of weeks ago for a score of £22,400, and he will now be looking to add to that with another win.

The Current Top Ten:

Luke Schwartz (179,100)

Matthew Perry (145,575)

Allan McLean (118,200)

Shaun Conning (116,125)

Jeff Kimber (100,275)

Antonis Poulengeris (96,875)

Ben Jackson (95,875)

Thomas Myland (94,100)

Jamie O’Conner (84,275)


With regards to other notable players that will be coming back on Day 2 we have Karl Mahrenholz, Simon Deadman, Stuart Fox, Dave Ulliot, John Gale, Sunny Chattha, Tedd y Sheringham, Yucel Eminoglu, Marc Wright, and the ever popular Roberto Romanello.

Day 2 is underway as we speak as it started at 2pm GMT and will see the remaining players reduced to the final table by the end of the session. The field is fairly well stacked which means that there is a very good chance that the final table could be a rather star studded affair.

We will be bringing you a report on exactly what went on during Day 2 as soon as it finishes, revealing who has made that final table, who has been eliminated, who the bubble boy was and anything else that may have happened during the high octane poker action.