Gus Hansen emerges as an all-round squash player

squash court

While the poker community is waiting to see if the Great Dane can return to his winning ways online, Hansen is putting his squash skills to good use. The poker pro used to be an accomplished tennis player and it comes as no surprise that he is equally fond of another game using a racket. This is where things turn interesting, because squash appears to be more than a hobby for Gus who claims that he would stand a fighting chance among the best Danish players.

Hansen is not the kind of guy to brag without having proof, but even so his most recent statement caught most poker players off-guard. He considers himself to be one of the top 25 Danish players and he shared with the media some amazing results that only those within his inner circle were familiar with. Last year he played a total of six games in the professional Danish division which goes by the name of Elite Division and won two of them.

It goes without saying that he competed against the best players in the country, so his estimation might not be an exaggeration as some suspected. Gus Hansen’s passion for the game goes way beyond statements and he is on the verge of opening a squash center in the nation’s capital. The ultimate proof that the squash community is talking him seriously is that his partner in this project is reigning Danish champion Morten Wiegandt Sørensen.

Only time will tell whether Hansen will eventually trade poker for squash as his main activity or if he will find a way to brilliantly combine these two hobbies. So far things are heading in the right direction, as his online career seems to be on the mend, while his squash project picks up speed. Those who plan on visiting Copenhagen in the next couple of days should know that a couple of big games are scheduled.

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