Gus Hansen Re-Ignites Lederer Feud!

The Lederer story just keeps on re-surfacing, with that expected to be the case for some time. This time it was Gus Hansen who sparked a massive debate on the 2+2 forums after tweeting a series of personal opinions on the matter.

If there was one player that managed to get away from the whole former Full Tilt debacle unscathed, it was Hansen even despite being sponsored by the site at the time. So much so that PokerStars, who are the new owners of FTP have brought him back on board.

He had also done his best to keep himself out of everything that followed and kept his opinion to himself, that was until yesterday anyway.

An Initial Cryptic Statement!

Yesterday, Hansen sent a tweet stating something along the lines of “We should never underestimate what stupid people when in large groups can achieve – I will explain later!” At the time, that could have meant anything, however it was later on when his next series of tweets surfaced.

If claimed that if the people that are spending so much time hating Lederer were to hate banks instead, he would feel sympathy with them, however he feels that people are well out of control in this situation and need to get a grip.

He then asked the people that have a poor opinion of Howard Lederer, if they base this opinion on any evidence of foul play or if it is just because players like Negreanu or Mercier tell them to hate him?


Unless you have been sleeping in a cupboard for the last year or so, you will know what all of this is about. Howard Lederer was on the board of the former FTP that was accused of being a ‘ponzi’ scheme and closed down leaving millions of players without their money.

Though he was not charged with anything criminal, he had a civil case to answer, with that just being settled. He spent most of the last 18 months in complete silence, probably due to his own lawyer’s advice, yet eventually spoke out in an exclusive interview with Pokernews.

The Responses!

The response to Hansen’s tweets has been fairly split. Many cannot see past their hatred for Lederer, whilst others side with Hansen in the fact that Lederer has not actually been charged with anything, so what has he done wrong apart from obviously being a poor businessman.

Other posters are going even further down the line and blaming the American government, whilst others are now bored of the whole topic.

This one is certainly set to run and run, that is for sure!