Gus Hansen returns to his winning ways (+$850k)

Gus Hansen and Viktor Blom

Over the last couple of years, Gus Hansen lost millions of dollars online and 2014 didn’t start too well either. Digging himself out of this huge hole is not an easy task, but the Great Dane is one of the most resilient of poker professionals. This week lady luck smiled benevolently upon him and for the first time in many months he won a total amount of $850,000.

It all began on Saturday when he sat down at his favourite triple draw tables to win $320,000 against some of the best players at Full Tilt Poker. There is no rest for the wicked or poker professionals, so as soon as competitors returned to the tables on Sunday, Gus Hansen was back into the fray. Initially this looked like a bad decision, as he lost six digit figures in a few short sessions but he kept playing, hoping that his luck would change.

Hansen didn’t succumb to tilt and he managed to turn things around in the afternoon, at $2k/$4k 2-7 TD tables. He never played at more than two tables at once, facing Dan “jungleman” Cates at one and five other professionals at a six-max table. Gus had no reason to look elsewhere for action, as he made short work of Cates and won $200k off him, while being even more successful at the 6-max table. His foes lost a combined amount of $574k here and allowed Gus to completely offset his morning losses.

Viktor Blom and Gus Hansen didn’t lock horns this time, but the Swedish poker professional was very active over the weekend. He chose the No limit hold’em tables and was pit against Doug Polk, with the two of them playing two sessions at $500/$1000 CAP NLHE tables. Blom lost almost $300,000 in the morning session and failed to win back most of the money, with the $60k salvaged in the afternoon being nothing more than a consolation prize.

Poker players frequently blame bad luck for their losing sessions, but this time Blom is entitled to be frustrated by how things ended. He played very well but was unlucky to lose those pots that matter most, even when he shoved his chips in the middle with the better cards. At the end of the day, what matters is that “WCGRider” was the second most successful player behind Gus Hansen, with $236,000 won.

The Danish professional still has a long way to go to return above the profitability line in online poker, but the $850,000 won over the weekend are a good starting point. Elsewhere, “Kagome Kagome” won $145,000 in two hours and “thecortster” added $118.6k to his bankroll despite losing five digit figures in the early sessions:

These were the top 4 winners of the day:

Gus Hansen – $526.400

WCGRider – $236.700

Kagome Kagome – $144.900

thecortster – $118.600