“GVOZDIKA55” Wins $200k, Gets To $500k For The Week

Chips in Spiral

Russian high stakes cash player Vladimir “GVOZDIKA55” Shchemelev has had a storming week on the high stakes tables at PokerStars, with another profit of $203.5k yesterday brining his weekly total to more than $550k. This has led to him being extremely close to topping more than a million in profit for the year so far.

Yesterdays profit came about when he was plying his trade on his favoured Fixed Limit Omaha Hi/Lo tables, where he was up against the likes of ‘”Isildur1”, “Chung Ho” and Ville Wahlbeck. He did try his hand at a few 2-7 Triple Draw tables but came away as a loser on those, however on his usual tables he made that back easily, where in one seven hour session alone he made a profit of $138k.

Other Winners Of The Day!

Yesterday saw two other winners of more than $100k, with “MUSTAFABET” winning $114k yesterday whilst “LewisFriend” continued his impressive year so far with another $114k added to his account. “FakeLove888” also had a good day and will be happy enough with his haul of $86.2k whilst enjoying a successful afternoon on the Fixed Limit Omaha tables.

The Biggest Losers!

The main losers yesterday where that of “IlariFIN”, “Ville Wahlbeck” and “joiso”, with each of them dropping large sums of money throughout the day.

As usual the day actually started out well for Viktor ‘Isildur1” Blom, yet as is so often the case he seemed to self destruct after he reached $140k in profit. He played on eventually turned that profit into a loss of around $160k for the day.

Having recently been signed up as an ambassador for the newly owned Full Tilt Poker though, he is sure to have added funds to enable him to continue on the high stakes tables for plenty of time to come yet though.

The Biggest Hands Of The Day!

The largest hands came from the $200/$400 Pot Limit Omaha tables, with the biggest involving a hand between “tr1ck7” losing a massive $121.3k pot to “Jeans89” when the former flopped and kept a set. “Isildur1” won the next biggest pot of the day in a three way hand; he spiked a set on the turn to take home $96k.

Jeans89” won another big pot when he actually played a hand badly but got lucky to hit trip 5’s, which resulted in a healthy win of $93.8k.

The Day’s Biggest Winners:

• GVOZDIKA55 +$203.5k

• MUSTAFABET +$114.4k

• LewisFriend +$111.2k

• FakeLove888 +86.2k