Hansen Banks $900k In Just Over Six Days

It seems that Gus Hansen is finally turning the corner with regards to his online high stakes cash games form, though he is still some way off turning his negative into a profit. However, despite that fact, he has now banked an incredible $900k throughout the past six days, which has certainly provided him with much better Christmas at the very least.

It has been very well documented that Hansen has struggled since the re-launch of Full Tilt, with him dropping almost a total of $3 million at one point. This recent upswing though will have him feeling much better going into the New Year. Though it will be tough for him to recoup all of his losses before 2013, he will hopefully have some good momentum going into the next twelve months.

The last couple of days have seen him earn $409k of that total sum, with most of it coming at sessions on either the Pot Limit Omaha, Fixed limit Omaha or 2-7 Triple Draw tables. He had his biggest success at the Omaha Hi/Lo tables though as he took down $260k from “patpatpanda”, he then went on to take another $150k from ‘SallyWoo” in a later session at the very same table.

Other big winners included “PostFlopAction” who had a profitable session against “CRAIN85” to the tune of $248k. “Alexonmoon” also enjoyed a good day having recovered from a few losses earlier in the day to hit profits of $137.9k during a couple of sessions on the 2-7 Triple Draw tables against “1Mastermind”, which now has him up a good $600k for the week so far.

Over at PokerStars there was another big winner in the shape of “Ville_Wahlbeck” who scored a $60.9k profit whilst plying his trade on the $500/$1000 Triple Draw tables.

As has been the case as of late, there were no real big pots over the past couple of days, with the biggest being just $45.4k when “Flufferd” called a bluff on the river against “gomir” to take home the score.

The Biggest Profits!

Gus Hansen – (+$408.8k)

PostFlopAction – (+$248k)

Alexonmoon – (+$137.9k)

DealMeInFast – (+$104k)

The action has really started to pick up at the high stakes tables over the past couple of days, which is to be expected with the main part of Christmas now over and done with. We still expect things to be a little on the quiet side right up until after the New Year, which is when we are expecting a real flurry of action on both PokerStars and FTP.