Hansen Has $2.6 Million Losses On Full Tilt

Gus Hansen just doesn’t seem to be able to shake this bad downswing of fortunes at the newly launched Full Tilt Poker, with him now down a staggering $2.6 million in just 7 weeks. In just the last week alone he has lost another $370k which has put Hansen right at the very top of the biggest loser’s column at the site.

The ironic factor is that Hansen was actually on a huge upswing at the site just before it was shut down in 2011, taking home profits of $6 million. That is all in the past now and things have certainly turned full circle with regards to his fortunes, yet a player of Hansen’s caliber will never struggle for too long.

We all know that this downswing, whilst worrying for Hansen is hardly going to see him bankrupt. He had millions trapped in FTP when it was shut down and has also earned around $1.8 million this year from live tournaments.

Despite that fact, he will be hoping that his poor run on the site which is now owned by PokerStars comes to an end soon, perhaps he will be looking forward to 2013 and a fresh slate for the year.

“Davin77” At The Other End Of The Scale!

Whilst Hansen has been struggling, another player by the screen name of “Davin77” has been flying since the re-launch. The player who is widely tipped to be the German Pro Davin Georgi is by far the most successful player at the site since it opened its doors again, taking home profits of more than a million in that time.

Whilst he has the biggest profits, he hasn’t had the biggest pot in recent times, with that accolade going to “punting-peddler” who won a pot of $95k on the $200/$400 NLHE tables against “Tight-Man1”. All of the chips went in to the middle on a flop of Kh-10d-6d with him holding the As-Ks, whilst his opponent was behind with the Qd-10h.

Both players elected to run the turn and river twice with “punting-peddler” coming out on top in both hands.

Ivey Dropping Cash!

Phil Ivey’s return to Full Tilt was widely documented and he initially got off to a great start by regularly recording profits; however since then he has given all of them back and actually finds himself down. Ivey made his comeback under the new screen name of “Polarizing” and will have been delighted that the site is being run by a proper management team and company, especially after the trouble he had with the former ownership team.